Sunday, August 29, 2010

wish I could protect them

This, my friends, is one of my absolute favorite people!
He makes me so happy and I am so proud of him!
Is it weird that I lose sleep worrying about him?  Nah I know that's normal.  
Seriously though, I worry about him being in school.  Kids are so dang mean!  I'm afraid of people making fun of him, boys being mean to him.  I just wish that I could protect him from all of that pain.  My husband laughs at me and says it's just part of growing up and we all go through it, but I wish that wasn't true!
My kiddo has a medical bowel issue, awful to be a 6 yr old and have these issues already.  He has been taking a laxative every day for the last 3 years.  I am thankful that he has never had any accidents or anything of that nature, honestly I thank the Lord that he hasn't experienced that embarrassment.  But I fear that the day might come where it might happen, and that day will be at school, and he will forever be remembered as "that boy".  
It's the simple things like that, "the kid who threw up in class", "the kid who cried", oh why are kids so mean to each other!
We moved into our house last October and with the bad winter we had and the busy summer it was nearly impossible to make our rounds and meet some of the kids.  Last weekend I saw 3 boys riding their scooters up the street from us.  I rushed in and grabbed my kiddo and said "grab your scooter and lets go say hi to those boys!".  Logan being such a trooper grabbed his scooter and raced up to them, asking if they wanted to play.  They just looked at him and said "no" and raced off laughing.  Break my heart!  Luckily it didn't seem to phase him but all the "what if's" took over in my mind, like what if now he won't ever approach other kids and ask to play just because these 3 little boys were asses to him?

What do you guys do to help build self esteem in your kids? and keep them safe from other kids mean behavior?

And am I just crazy?  ;)

*bragging moment - my kid rocks btw, he's excellent at soccer, a genius, has amazing good looks, a brilliant personality, loves everyone, it's quite possible that he's the most awesome 6 yr old E.V.E.R.

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