Wednesday, May 16, 2012


has been non-stop lately!  

Mother's Day was a great weekend.  Logan's baseball team played in a Mothers Day Classic Tournament all 3 days..... and guess what..... they won the tournament championship!

I unfortunately had to work Sunday night so I didn't get to fully "soak in" Mothers Day, however the boys spoiled me by surprising me with a new Kindle Fire! YAY!  Luckily Sunday night was pretty slow, I only had 3 patients, so I had plenty of time to learn how to use this new toy!

Yesterday (Tuesday) was my weekly doctor's appointment.  I have sonograms every week because of my diabetes, they are called BPP's.  Basically the baby gets scored on movement, breathing, amniotic fluid, and something else that I can never remember.  Normally we pass these with no problems.  Of course yesterday we failed.  Baby refused to breathe.  So onto the non-stress test.  During the NST we get 20 minutes on the monitor and the baby's heart rate has to accelerate three times, however there are strict rules about the accelerations, seriously I kind of stopped listening.  This little baby waited until the 19th minute to do the 3rd acceleration!  Stubborn baby!  

All I can really say right now, I am OVER being pregnant!  In 3 more weeks we are having our c-section but I tell ya I'm not sure I'm gonna make it another 3 weeks!  I'm miserably uncomfortable.  I know I should be thankful that I am still carrying my baby, that am I even blessed enough to have this baby.  So please don't take my whininess as if I don't appreciate this.... just sometimes when the baby moves and it causes a sharp stabbing feeling in my va-jay-jay, or my boobs have stabbing pains, or I'm unable to sleep at night because the contractions keep waking me up, or the need to pee every 20 minutes..... sometimes when these things happen I just have to complain! 

Today I'll leave you with this face shot of Baby D...... this is the first time we've seen the face!

Monday, May 7, 2012


has Easter been a month ago already? and I'm just now uploading some pictures? 
Oh well, better late than never!  :)

poor quality cell phone pic of the boys dying eggs

Easter morning

my sweet little nephew, Eli, got baptized Easter morning

playing games at my mom's house

and nothing finishes off an Easter like a ride on a dirtbike! :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

flooring project

this is the newest of projects that we have going on in our house.....

once this one is done, our focus will be on the baby's room!

the beginning of the demolition.... the plywood used to be covered with carpet, the "wood" that you see is actually linoleum (which has been removed)

KILZ'd and trim painted white.... oh how I heart the trim! Too bad it's such a pain to paint!

this is the playroom

beginning of the new floors

fantastic, right?!

There's quite a bit more done now, actually tonight the hubs is hoping to get it finished.... I'm ready for it to be done!  This has been a project in the works for over two weeks now!
Finished photo hopefully coming soon! :-)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

baby shower preview

So seriously, this was difficult for me to figure out how to post on this new blogger! YIKES!  Why do things have to change? What happened to, "if ain't broke, don't fix it?"  Oh well....

Back to baby shower.  My bestie and my sister got together and threw the hubby and I a baby shower.  It was SO much fun!  We invited our family and friends, ate delicious food and desserts.  I think some of the boys were a little nervous about going to a baby shower, but once they saw there was some beer they got over that real quick! lol

Since we don't know what gender our baby is the shower was focused on necessities, oh, and pampering ME!  Can't go wrong there! :-)  We got loads of diapers, wipes, some bottles, pacifiers, bibs, some gender neutral blankets..... it was a wonderful time! Oh, and I got lots of gift cards to get my toes done, some spa cards, and perfume.  

Color/theme wise, we are painting the walls a sage green, I plan on putting a tree mural on the wall with some owls..... I can't wait to get started on it! I only have 5 weeks left though so we better get on the ball!

Here are some pics from the shower....

isn't this an adorable invitation?!  Love it!

I promise you now, if this baby is a girl there will be TONS of bows!

my sister made these cake pops, super cute!

One of my oldest friends, Jen, and I.... I'm 33 weeks here and she is 37

the mom of one of the girl's that I work with made this quilt for Baby D, isn't that too nice?!

So that's what I've got for pictures until more get sent to me.  We had a great time and it was such a fun time hanging out with friends and celebrating the new little life we'll soon be meeting!  
A huge thank you to Abbie and Emily!