Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween

Thursday, July 26, 2012


As a friend reminded me tonight, this too shall pass.... I sure wish it would pass sooner rather than later.  Let's just say that if either of my first two babies would have been like this new baby, wow, well this new baby wouldn't be here.  He is tough.  Just tonight I endured 4 hours of screaming before he would finally fall asleep.  -yes, I had burped, fed, changed, etc-  Hunter is by far my most difficult baby. First of all he requires being held pretty much 24/7.  This week I have managed to get him to take about a 2 hour nap in his bouncy seat or swing, score!  Tonight though, wow, I have never felt more defeated as a mother.  Hunter finally fell asleep, aka passed out from complete exhaustion.  Me? Well I of course immediately looked for someone to share a beer with after that disaster of an evening.  Where did it get me? Sitting on my back deck, alone, just me, my Bud Light and Pandora.  Heads up to my friends, when I text you saying I need a beer, that is cue for you to come to my rescue.  Whether you're in bed or not, that is my way of reaching out for someone to help pull me back up from my self pity!  Remember all those times in the last year that you called me at 3am to come get you from a bar cause you're too drunk to drive or because you just wanted someone to talk to.... yeah, this is payback!  Was definitely feeling let down tonight by friends.  To those that allowed me to cry via text and didn't judge me, thank you tons... you have no idea how much I just needed someone to understand/listen to my feelings of "falling apart".  To all of my fellow bloggers with new babies, I hope that if you're struggling with emotions and emotional baby's that you have someone to reach out to!  Tomorrow is another day, and hopefully it will be much easier with far less tears (both his and mine!).

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


All I can say is that bringing baby #3 into this family was much more difficult than #1 or #2 was!  You know how everyone tells you to "sleep when the baby sleeps"?  That is absolutely impossible.  I am beyond exhausted.  I feel like I'm adapting and my body is learning how to adjust to the little amounts of sleep that I get, but then I'll get a day (like today) that I feel like I can not possibly survive without some more sleep!

Hunter is 5 weeks old today, while he is adorable he is also a very time consuming baby.  My other babies would eat and then go to sleep, wake up to eat and go right back to sleep.  This made time for me very possible, I could shower, cook, EAT, go to the bathroom!  This little guy? yeah not so much.  He eats every 3 hours, on the dot.  After he eats (which takes 30 minutes) he will stay away for another 2 hours or so, screams until he finally falls asleep (which only lasts 30 minutes) and then wakes back up for his next feeding.  Thankfully he doesn't do this at night.  I put him down around 11pm and he'll sleep until about 7 or 8am, waking up every 3 hrs to eat of course!  It's exhausting.  On a positive, the last 2 mornings he's actually smiled at me, real "I know who you are" smiles.... makes it all worth it!

Logan (8) and Riley (3) have hit a turning point in their relationship, it's a little bit of a love/hate thing going on.  One minute they're friends, the next enemies.  It's more Logan, he's finally growing old enough to where he finds his 3yr old sibling annoying.  Makes this mama sad! :(  So those few times that Hunter will actually take a nap, I'm left spending that time breaking up fights between the older boys.

Yesterday we had a good day though, I was able to take all the kids and got the bigger boys hair cut.  They looked so handsome I decided I should break out my fancy camera and take some pictures with it.... it's amazing how much dust has gathered on that camera bag since I've become so fond of my iPhone! LOL  Here are some of my favorites from our mock photo shoot!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

how I'm feeling

How I'm feeling?  

Well I feel a million things on some days!  First of all I feel so blessed to have three healthy children.  When I catch myself feeling sorry for myself or yearning for things to have been different, I end up feeling very angry at myself!  How could someone so blessed feel sadness or envy?  Let's be honest.  I waited 9 1/2 months to find out what gender this baby was going to be.  9 1/2 months people!  There was a part of me that had convinced myself that because of my patience and my overall desire for a daughter that I would surely be given this gift.  The other part of me tried to remain realistic and knew that I was having another boy.  However on the day of delivery I just knew, without a doubt, that I was going to meet my daughter.  So when the doctors so excitedly told my husband and I that "it was a BOY!" I immediately felt crushed.  Don't worry, I'm not that bad of a mother.  The crushed feeling left pretty quickly and then the "normal" feelings took over; is the baby breathing okay? are there 10 fingers and toes? is everything OK?

Once we were back in recovery my family and friends were able to pass Hunter around and take pictures.  Everyone, including the nurses, kept asking me if I was ready to hold him.  I continued to say "no it's okay, you guys keep holding!".  At the time I was feeling like that partly because of my insistent shaking from the anesthesia, and the fact that I was still lying flat on my back... seriously? how do you want me to hold my newborn when I'm not allowed to sit up and my arms won't quit shaking?  After family had left it was just my husband and I and my dear friend Abbie.  Abbie brought little Hunter to me to hold, and of course he cried intensely.  I handed him back to her, and the crying stopped.  I was hit with this feeling that Hunter knew how much I had wanted a daughter, maybe he didn't love me!  Silly I know but I was overwhelmed with this guilt.

Through the rest of the night I continued to feel this lack of connection to Hunter.  I don't know if it was because I didn't have a vaginal delivery?  I do feel like there is a complete difference between having a vaginal delivery and a c-section.  I had been worried about this from the day we decided to have a c-section.  I knew that my husband and I were going to miss out on this bonding experience, I knew that I would feel like I didn't actually "give birth" to our child.  Of course I had already decided not to breast feed, so then I felt guilty, thoughts that I was taking away the only bonding experience that Hunter and I would ever have.  Silly, yes.... but with those hormones and emotions rolling, that's how I thought!  

Thankfully after the first night my husband helped me hold Hunter and I was able to feed him his bottles.  My mom came and helped me un-swaddle him on the bed so that I could inspect him.  All I needed was some extra cuddle time, some time to make me connect with this baby that I had carried for so long.... now the connection that I feel with Hunter is no less than the connection I had with both of my older boys.  Thank the Lord that I got past those feelings!  

So while we're being honest, yes, I'm still envious of all of my friends who recently had daughters.  And when I saw "all", I seriously am surrounded by friends who had daughters, there are like 5 of them!  I see pictures of their princesses in bows and tutus and all of that girlie stuff that I was so excited to splurge on.  I don't regret having my tubes tied, but I still feel slight sadness knowing that my chances for a daughter are over.  I will never birth my own daughter.  However, I am so enormously blessed that I have carried three beautiful boys to term, they are all healthy and thriving.  I'm living a dream that so many deserving people aren't able to.  So for that I am thankful.  I count my blessings every day and thank the Lord for all that I've been giving.  

So, how am I feeling?  Blessed.  I have a perfect trifecta.  And I will always be my husband's one and only princess, can't really go wrong with that right?  :-)

Friday, June 15, 2012

our big reveal

Wednesday June 6th, 2012 I woke up around 8am, showered, straightened my hair (the beauty of a planned delivery is being able to look your best!), finished packing my bag for the hospital, did some dishes, played with my boys.  These were the last few hours living as a family of four.  Surgery was scheduled for 1pm so we had to be at the hospital at 11am.  My mom came and took the boys to go play at a museum while we all waited for 1pm.  I noticed that I was having some contractions, nothing worth timing, enough to be "amusing".  Hubs and I loaded up the car, hooked up the infant car seat (if you haven't figured it out we're real "last minute" people), and then got ready for our drive to the hospital!  Here's my last photo being pregnant......

We arrived at the hospital right on time, only to be greeted by a doctor in my OB's practice telling us that we'll be at least an hour delayed.  Lots of surgeries that day!  The nurses told us they had no room available for us so they took us to a tiny little triage room.  Tiny actually doesn't even describe it well, instead of a bed there was a stretcher, a tiny chair for my husband, and a little cabinet with monitors.  IV got started, kudos to the nurse who got that on the first try!  Labs were drawn, monitors were put on - nurse says "oh look at that you're having contractions!", and then the wait began.  My doctor came in to say hello, ensured us that he would get us in for surgery at 1pm no matter what, and off he went to get ready.  By noon we were moved into an actual labor and delivery room, a million admission questions were asked, I am still having contractions and lets just say they were not comfortable! 12:30 my mom, dad, our two sons, both of my sisters, and my bestie had arrived.  1pm my doctor came in to see how I was feeling.  Hmmm, I am absolutely ready to be done being pregnant!  He asked if I was having any pain, I said the contractions were starting to get intense.  He laughed a little and said he'd been watching me on the monitors and it looked like he had a patient in labor!  Contractions were every 2-3 minutes and getting stronger.  He went ahead and checked my cervix, '0' dilation, next thing I know I'm getting a shot to stop my labor.  Seriously, who goes in for their scheduled c-section and goes into labor while there? I still laugh about that.... you see, this is my 3rd baby and I've never gone into labor on my own, always had to be induced!  Here's our last photo as a family of four, I love it :)

Finally around 2:15 the action started to happen.  Thanks to emergency c-sections we got delayed, pretty sure I felt that my need to know if I was carrying  a boy or a girl was more of an emergency than these other women! (of course I'm just kidding!)  My hubs got handed a cute scrub outfit, and I got wheeled back to the OR.  As soon as we walked through those doors my anxiety reached it's max.  The anesthesiologist was wonderful and talked me through everything, his nurse anesthesist (sp?) was a fantastic support system for me through out the entire surgery.  My spinal block was given, can we say ouch!?  Actually just the injection of the lidocaine is what hurt, burned like heck!  The spinal took effect really quickly, catheter went in, curtain was hung, hubs was brought into the room.  My doctor and another doctor came in ready to start my surgery.  They both asked if I was I was sure that I wanted to have a tubal, um yes doctor, absolutely sure!  And then everything got started!  First cut, doctor tried to give me a play by play of the surgery, we politely requested that he not! Just tell us when you're ready to pull the baby out :)  Anesthesist kept asking me to try and relax, apparently my heart rate was above 150 for the entire surgery, sorry lady, I'm trying but knowing that my stomach is being cut apart right now is sorta freaking me out!  I'm sure I looked like I was having a seizure as my arms would not stop shaking!  My poor husband was pretty worried about me, bless his heart.  At 2:57pm we got the news we had been waiting for..... it's a ........ BOY!!!!!!!!!  

Hunter Jaxson, 8lbs 11oz, 20" long  

Baby Hunter only had his head out and he was already crying, he cried for a good 45 minutes!  Poor guy's blood sugar was low so they had to give him a bottle right away, little guy wouldn't drink it just kept crying and crying.  As the nurses were assessing him they saw he was having some difficulties breathing.  Hubs said they put a few suction tubes down his throat to suck the fluid out and then just let him keep crying so that he could work it out himself.  They were finally able to get him to eat a bottle, an hour later they rechecked his blood sugar and it had dropped even further.  Another bottle was fed, repeat sugar check, and luckily it  had risen.  

Family and friends piled into the room, everyone passed Hunter around and admired his handsomeness.... Logan and Riley were very excited to see the baby, of course Riley decided that he didn't like his brother, he wanted a sister.  (don't worry, a week later he loves his brother!)  

Riley, Logan, and Hunter

Proud papa and his boys.....

Recovery has been rough for me, guess I'm not as tough as everyone else cause I'm still having pains!  I am blessed and my husband was able to take off this entire week to help out with the kids and myself. I'm really going to miss him when he goes back to work, thinking about it brings tears to the surface.  

So there it is, my birth story.  Sorry it was long, maybe not very interesting, but it's all in writing now so at least I'll never forget it! :)  More pictures to come, updates on my thoughts on having another boy, news about Hunter's first doctor's appointment.... for now I'm just enjoying my time with my three sons......

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


has been non-stop lately!  

Mother's Day was a great weekend.  Logan's baseball team played in a Mothers Day Classic Tournament all 3 days..... and guess what..... they won the tournament championship!

I unfortunately had to work Sunday night so I didn't get to fully "soak in" Mothers Day, however the boys spoiled me by surprising me with a new Kindle Fire! YAY!  Luckily Sunday night was pretty slow, I only had 3 patients, so I had plenty of time to learn how to use this new toy!

Yesterday (Tuesday) was my weekly doctor's appointment.  I have sonograms every week because of my diabetes, they are called BPP's.  Basically the baby gets scored on movement, breathing, amniotic fluid, and something else that I can never remember.  Normally we pass these with no problems.  Of course yesterday we failed.  Baby refused to breathe.  So onto the non-stress test.  During the NST we get 20 minutes on the monitor and the baby's heart rate has to accelerate three times, however there are strict rules about the accelerations, seriously I kind of stopped listening.  This little baby waited until the 19th minute to do the 3rd acceleration!  Stubborn baby!  

All I can really say right now, I am OVER being pregnant!  In 3 more weeks we are having our c-section but I tell ya I'm not sure I'm gonna make it another 3 weeks!  I'm miserably uncomfortable.  I know I should be thankful that I am still carrying my baby, that am I even blessed enough to have this baby.  So please don't take my whininess as if I don't appreciate this.... just sometimes when the baby moves and it causes a sharp stabbing feeling in my va-jay-jay, or my boobs have stabbing pains, or I'm unable to sleep at night because the contractions keep waking me up, or the need to pee every 20 minutes..... sometimes when these things happen I just have to complain! 

Today I'll leave you with this face shot of Baby D...... this is the first time we've seen the face!

Monday, May 7, 2012


has Easter been a month ago already? and I'm just now uploading some pictures? 
Oh well, better late than never!  :)

poor quality cell phone pic of the boys dying eggs

Easter morning

my sweet little nephew, Eli, got baptized Easter morning

playing games at my mom's house

and nothing finishes off an Easter like a ride on a dirtbike! :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

flooring project

this is the newest of projects that we have going on in our house.....

once this one is done, our focus will be on the baby's room!

the beginning of the demolition.... the plywood used to be covered with carpet, the "wood" that you see is actually linoleum (which has been removed)

KILZ'd and trim painted white.... oh how I heart the trim! Too bad it's such a pain to paint!

this is the playroom

beginning of the new floors

fantastic, right?!

There's quite a bit more done now, actually tonight the hubs is hoping to get it finished.... I'm ready for it to be done!  This has been a project in the works for over two weeks now!
Finished photo hopefully coming soon! :-)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

baby shower preview

So seriously, this was difficult for me to figure out how to post on this new blogger! YIKES!  Why do things have to change? What happened to, "if ain't broke, don't fix it?"  Oh well....

Back to baby shower.  My bestie and my sister got together and threw the hubby and I a baby shower.  It was SO much fun!  We invited our family and friends, ate delicious food and desserts.  I think some of the boys were a little nervous about going to a baby shower, but once they saw there was some beer they got over that real quick! lol

Since we don't know what gender our baby is the shower was focused on necessities, oh, and pampering ME!  Can't go wrong there! :-)  We got loads of diapers, wipes, some bottles, pacifiers, bibs, some gender neutral blankets..... it was a wonderful time! Oh, and I got lots of gift cards to get my toes done, some spa cards, and perfume.  

Color/theme wise, we are painting the walls a sage green, I plan on putting a tree mural on the wall with some owls..... I can't wait to get started on it! I only have 5 weeks left though so we better get on the ball!

Here are some pics from the shower....

isn't this an adorable invitation?!  Love it!

I promise you now, if this baby is a girl there will be TONS of bows!

my sister made these cake pops, super cute!

One of my oldest friends, Jen, and I.... I'm 33 weeks here and she is 37

the mom of one of the girl's that I work with made this quilt for Baby D, isn't that too nice?!

So that's what I've got for pictures until more get sent to me.  We had a great time and it was such a fun time hanging out with friends and celebrating the new little life we'll soon be meeting!  
A huge thank you to Abbie and Emily!  

Friday, April 20, 2012

birthing fears

As the time is coming closer I have to decide if I want to have a c-section or try a vaginal delivery again.  Doctors recommend a c-section but my primary OB is allowing me to make the final decision - as long as my Gestational Diabetes doesn't cause any other complications.  The reason for the c-section is because both of my previous births turned high risk when the doctor realized my pelvis was shaped wrong and my babies couldn't fit out easily.  Both boys suffered from shoulder dystocia.  Both needed help breathing.  Very scary births.  So you're probably wondering why I would want to do it again?  Well, I think it would be amazing to be the first person to hold my baby.  I have always imagined my baby coming out and being placed right on my chest.  Plus, I know this may sound crazy to some, but the entire labor process is such a huge bonding moment between spouses.  It's this almost magical time that we have with each other to embrace our love and feel the excitement building as we wait for the arrival of a miracle that we created! More than likely if I tried for a vaginal delivery, it would end in c-section.  So why not just opt for the c-section?  I really have no clue.  I don't want to deal with the recovery of a c-section, though to be honest I don't want to deal with the recovery of a vag delivery either! lol  I'm completely torn, and only have another week or two left to decide what route I want to go.    I know I'm missing a lot of other details in this post, like the size of my babies, my previous inductions etc..... but you guys get the idea, right?  I could use some serious support in the decision that I have to make!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

the joys of pregnancy

sore nipples

lack of sleep

peeing every 20 minutes

ripping feelings in your stomach

stretch marks under your boobs



and this my friends, is just in my recent weeks........


emotions running wild

feelings of starvation



I am thrilled that the above are no longer issues!

things to look forward to in the next 7 1/2 weeks

becoming a whale

boobs continuing to hurt

boobs leaking

increasing fear of c-section

continuing to poke my fingers to check my blood sugars

in all seriousness though - ok, we all know the above was completely serious as well....

10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes

cute little button-nose

beautiful eyes

round little bellies

finally knowing pink or blue

and since I'm being 100% honest




someone bringing me home cooked meals :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

it's been 2 weeks

so why not write another post.....

life seems to be the same, day after day.  Sleep, eat, play with kids, sleep, eat, moan about being uncomfortable, bitch about not loving my doctors, sleep, eat...

Remember a couple of weeks ago I told you that I had gestational diabetes.  So I've started that journey.  Luckily I haven't changed my diet too much and my sugars are staying within range, for the most part.  I do miss ice cream, and I miss Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs.  The things we do for our children! ;-)

I met with my perinatologist this week.  That was a pointless visit.  I met with the nurse for about an hour, she told me everything that I could expect.  Then the doctor came in, for less than a minute, and everything was different.  Less time consuming though so I guess that's okay.

I am definitely having a c-section, though the date has changed a couple of times. Should either be May 31st or June 6th.  However with new requirements, if I have it on May 31st they'll have to do an amnio first, I'm thinking the June date sounds just fine to me! lol

So that's enough about baby stuff.....

Kids are both doing good, Riley has been attacked with a serious case of allergies.  Poor kid.  We went to a new pediatrician today, who I LOVED, and we're starting on Benadryl for now.  She wanted to try some simple allergy testing on him but I opted to save that for another visit.  No reason to freak him out on his first visit to this lady!

Logan is doing good though getting quite the 8yr old attitude.  I guess we were doomed for this to hit us at some point, for the most part he's been a pretty good kid.  I think he's getting worn out with all of these activities and would just rather play.  Here's his week: Sunday and Monday = baseball, Tuesday = to his dad's house, Wednesday = soccer, Thursday = baseball, Friday = free day, Saturday = soccer.  Wow..... incase you didn't guess it on your own, we're pretty exhausted with his activities as well!

We finished our downstairs bathroom, next week our new hardwood floors will hopefully get in and we'll be replacing a lot of downstairs floors.  Me is one happy lady!  I'm excited to be able to share some pictures with you!

Friday, March 16, 2012


#1: Logan MADE the baseball team!!!!  I could not be prouder of him!  He went out and practiced with the team last night and he played like a champ.  This morning the coach called and invited him to join the team.  I can't wait to pick Logan up from school today and give him this fantastic news! 

#2: it's official - I have gestational diabetes.  Yuck, double yuck.  I'm so disappointed by this news.  Monday is my appointment with the diabetes clinic and then some time next week I'll be meeting with the perinatologist, along with my regular OB.  Guess I'll get 3 groups of doctors for the next few months.  On the positive, only 89 days left until my due date!  I pray the journey of changing my life style will go smoothly, for instance, Dr Pepper.  How does one go without?!?!?!

Oh, here's that photo I promised you, I'm 26 weeks here 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

proud mom moment

mixed with hesitation and fear!

Today I got a phone call from a coach saying that a teacher at my son's elementary school had referred my son to him to fill a spot on his baseball team.  Yep, that's right.... out of 16 first and second grade classes my son was thought of!  I'm super proud!  Logan is SO excited, excited isn't even the right word choice, he's beyond excited!

Now comes the hesitation.... you have to try out for this team!  My 8 year old is facing his first chance of being rejected.  Try outs are tomorrow and they only have 2 spots to fill.  Secretly I hope they are only having 2 kids try out, wouldn't that be nice? :)  I explained to him tonight that he will have to go and practice with the team and then the coach gets to decide if he'll be on the team or not.  I worked really hard at not using the phrase, "coach will decide if you are good enough".  I hate that and I would hate for him to think that at such a young age.  So my fingers are crossed that he will rock this try out tomorrow!

Now the fear..... this is a traveling team.  They practice 3 times a week.  Games are an hour away, and there are 4-5 tournaments during this season.  Plus, I haven't heard the cost yet.  I'm a little scared!  Not to mention that we just started soccer tonight, so that is 4 nights a week of practice.  Holy moly.  We were getting ready to start cub scouts next week, I think I'll wait on that for next year.

Wish us luck!

Friday, March 9, 2012

sugar overload?

This week I had to take my glucose test for gestational diabetes..... me + sugar = fail  :(
So this means on Wednesday I'll be going back and taking the 3 hour test.... sooooo not looking forward to sitting in a lab for 3 hours without food or water and getting my blood drawn multiple times (I have bad veins!)
Oh, and it appears I'm anemic.  Today was a great day for news!  Wish me luck next week!

Monday, March 5, 2012


March started out sooo beautifully in my neck of the woods.  March 1st (just so happened to be my anniversary) was 70 degrees!  L.O.V.E. it!  Next day, snowed! ha! But by noon that day it was 50.  Besides the wind that we've had this has been a beautiful March so far.  Oh how I heart spring!

This has been quite the year for me so far.  I'm learning who my true friends are, and saddened by those that are not.  I've given up a lot of hope in certain people and while that's hard for me it's a little refreshing just learning to let go and move on.  Does that make sense?

I'm co-hosting a baby shower next month for one of my oldest friends.  She's having a baby girl in May, hopefully I'll have a girl too so are kids can grow up being best friends! ;-)  The theme is "under the sea".  I ordered some amazing invitations that are so beautiful!  I've got a few ideas for decorating, anyone have any suggestions for me?

Our remodel of the hallway bathroom is finally done, took awhile and we had some set backs but it's finally done and it's beautiful! I'll work on getting some photos done and load them up here.  And I promise I'll get another belly photo one of these days.

Speaking of belly... I had some scares last week which have left me taking it as easy as I can.  Makes it a little hard at work since I do 12 hr shifts and they require a lot of lifting.  The other night when I worked there were 3 out of 7 of us pregnant so it made things a little difficult when trying to get things done!  I go back to the doctor tomorrow and am very much looking forward to some positive feedback.

And last, but certainly not least, please say a prayer for my friend Liz.  She and I are due about the same time, she is expecting a little girl.  Last week she got admitted into the hospital and will be there indefinitely, more than likely until her princess makes her big debut.  Say a prayer for her so that Miss Paiyton will stay put as long as possible, giving her less time to spend in the NICU!  Stay strong Liz!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

24 weeks, aka 6 months

Weight gain: About 5 pounds

Maternity Clothes: I wear some maternity shirts, got some super cute ones at Old Navy! No pants yet, though that won't last long! Will probably order some online today!

Sleep: I miss sleeping through the night without moving once... now it seems I toss and turn every hour! And of course get up to go pee at least twice!

Gender: we opted not to find out!

Belly Button: Still in

What I miss: sleep, going a day without having a horrible popping feeling in my belly (round ligament pains)

What I am looking froward to: finding out if we're having a baby girl or boy!

Milestone: I haven't been nauseaus in a few weeks!

Size of baby: almost 12" long, and just over a pound
maybe I'll surprise you all with a belly shot later this week! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

it has happened!

the chair rail that is!
I'm soooo in love with it! 
Still need to do the caulking but you can barely tell!


and now: (please ignore the laundry in the corner and crap on the table!)

I need to find a new light.  
Looked today at Home Depot but there wasn't a single one that I was in love with.  
Anyone have suggestions as to where I should look? Besides Lowes or Home Depot.
(This bottom picture is an iPhone shot, the upper picture shows the true colors of the walls and furniture)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

baby nursery

I have the itch to start on a nursery.  
Oh how it would have been nice if we knew what gender this little bean is!  
Here is my inspiration photo:
This room is amazing isn't it!?!?!?  Our guest room is painted that green color already, and we have this amazing window so the long pink curtains will look amazing! And that tree? Yes, definitely worth loathing over!  Pretty sure we'll be finding a chandelier as well!
Here is the room that we'll be turning into a nursery, as long as the bean is a girl... if not, this room will get turned into Logan's.

Speaking of girl.... according to the Chinese Calendar this little bean is a GIRL! :-)
(I'm not superstitious at all.....well, maybe this one time I will be)

Oh, and this is my 20 week belly shot..... (2 weeks ago)

I got my referral to an endocrinologist yesterday, time to go in and see if I can go the rest of my pregnancy without having my thyroid mass biopsy'd again until after the bean is born.  The talk at the end of the summer was biopsy it one more time and then remove the right thyroid gland.  
Yuck yuck yuck....
Crossing fingers that we can just wait awhile longer before anything drastic happens!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

extreme home make-over

It's taking place in MY house!  I'm sooooo excited, can't even describe it! :-)  

We bought our house in October 2009 and we had these amazing visions for what we were going to do.  Needless to say, the list of about 4,000 "to do's" is only down to about 3,995  Sad right? almost pathetic.  

Right away I painted all of the rooms (minus our bathrooms).  The dining room I did a 1/2 and 1/2 paint job so that we could put chair railing up.  It has sat like that through numerous parties etc and every time I cringe when I see the wall....


Isn't that white line of paint beautiful? lol  

Well today we made a pit stop at the Home Depot and bought the chair rail I picked out TWO years ago!  People, let me tell you, it cost us a whopping $32!  Laziness is truly the issue here.
  It's leaning against the wall in the dining room so hopefully, maybe by the end of this weekend?, we'll have it up on the walls!  

Next up: painting the trim room by room.  I love me some white trim and cannot wait to have all of the trim be white.

After that: new flooring in the bathrooms and kitchen.  I picked out ceramic tiles for the rooms and have saved the pictures along with prices, and stare longingly at the pictures.  Today the hubs actually measured all the rooms we'll be tiling, the tile alone for all of the rooms is only $387.00!  For reals?  We've waited nearly 2 1/2 years to tile because we thought it would be THOUSANDS!  
So because we're tiling rookies we're going to start one room at a time, first up is the hall bathroom.  Super tiny, and super square, should be a good start right? (minus the sink and toilet but whatevs, we'll figure it out!)

Pictures to come, I can't wait to share! 

Also, need some tips/suggestions.  Our stairway will be getting a facelift as well, we're trying to figure out what parts we should paint white, or should we live it all stained?  And how about the carpet?  Pull all of that up and do a runner?  Decisions decisions!

So let me have it readers, I need suggestions!

Friday, January 20, 2012

our little bean

Yesterday we had our sonogram to see how the baby is doing, I'm 19 weeks pregnant now.  We managed to stick to our guns and NOT find out the baby's gender!  Man that was one of the toughest choices I've made and it's gonna be a really long 5 months waiting to find out what we're having!  We're pretty excited about this new addition.  If this is a boy we are 100% sure on the name choice.  As we talked about our girl name last night it turns out we are back up for options! lol  We have this amazing guest bedroom, it has 2 closets and a fantastic window and really high ceilings.  When we moved into this house our oldest son asked to have that room, and me being the "amazing" mom that I am told him no.  My reasoning: it would be a perfect room for a daughter! Sad isn't it?  So we decided that if this baby is a boy we're giving that guest room to Logan and we'll turn Logan's old room into the new baby's nursery.  One of the toughest things about this pregnancy, no nursery to get ready, no shopping to do.  It's kinda sad!  Just gotta keep enjoying the little kicks this baby is blessing with me and focus on baby names.... hopefully time goes fast cause I can't wait to meet this angel! :)