Thursday, January 27, 2011

an exciting first

i spend this evening catching up on some blogs and wrote a comment on one referencing weight.... what's new right? but here's the "first".... i mentioned wanting to go buy a new wardrobe but said that i still had to lose another 40 lbs before i could do that.... guess what i had to do? that's right, i had to D.E.L.E.T.E. the 40 lbs and correct that to 30!  pretty stoked about that, still got a long way to go but this is a great start! in 2010 i lost 22 lbs my friends!  :-)

Monday, January 24, 2011


~I have super exciting news to share with the world, but out of respect for the people it involves I'll stay quiet for awhile long... lets just say this much, it involves diapers, and poop, and sleepless nights (and I couldn't be more excited!)

~last night I read an educational book to my 7yr old about sharks and in the beginning it speaks about how sharks can live in oceans, rivers, and lakes that connect to oceans.  Logan asks if our lake connects to an ocean, my response no, and he says "whew!"  (we spend a lot of time at a lake during the summer)

~ yesterday my mom made a turkey and had the family over for dinner, I baked a delicious pumpkin pie and apple turnovers, mom even said she liked my pie recipe better than hers....  success my friends... success

~ I am craving time in the saddle like no other, stupid snow is killing things for me! (seriously like 18 inches in 2 weeks, it's too much people!)

~ I have spent nearly zilch time with our friends lately, it's like winter has killed our motivation to do anything

~ I got a pedicure with my 2 sisters this past week, my toes look absolutely amazing! (who cares if the only people who get to see them our my kids & husband... my 2 yr old loves coming and pointing at them and saying "mommy pretty toes!)

~ hubs and I have spent time in Home Depot admiring the tiles that we want, the countertops, the faucets that we want for our home.... our goal was to do one project a year, last year was our patio, this year we are supposed to paint the outside of the house, we shall see.... (guess it would help if I had a job, yeah?)

~ ok, I'm giving up trying to write.  I had a TON of ideas of what to write, for the last week I keep seeing/doing/thinking of great ideas of what to put on the blog but of course when it came time to open the laptop I can't think of any of them!  (seriously, this is like my 3rd post in January, sad right?)

~ seriously I couldn't be any happier that January is almost over, this is a brutal month

Thursday, January 20, 2011

nOt PrEgNaNt

that's about all I can say about that!  
After being weeks late, 2 negative pee sticks, I finally took myself to the doctor and nope, no baby in that uterus.
Gotta start on some new meds to bring a period along, and just hope that it does cause if it not there's more research to be doing...

you may ask why I'm so happy to not be baking another bun in this oven... 
M.E.X.I.C.O.  nuff said...

We were planning a trip to Mexico in September with some fantastic friends so I was a little put off thinking we'd have to cancel.

More news....

I took my boards yesterday for my nursing license, and guess what my friends,

I passed!!!!!  

That was one heck of a test, I walked out of there feeling like "um, did I even go to nursing school?" Seriously I can't believe that I passed!

So life can officially move on like normal, no pregnancy, and I can now work as an RN....

life is good  :-)

Monday, January 10, 2011

hello friends!  :-)
yes I've absent lately but I'm attempting to come back!

Today: snow, SnOw, SNOW!  
yes my friends, it's even STILL snowing!

Now I like snow as much as the next (or not, but whatever)
but I've shoveled my driveway 3 times already - yes - I said t.h.r.e.e.
So, I'm officially over the snow.

On the positive, we had a snow day so I got to keep both boys home and we chilled out together.
School is already closed for tomorrow so it's another family day in our near future!

The bads: This week is Logan's "star of the week" at school. 
There are special things that go on every day of the week and now he's missing 2 of those days.
Poor kid is actually SAD that he is having snow days!

Another thing.... I haven't mentioned my attempt at dieting lately because, well lets be honest, ya'll have heard me talk about it enough but never seen any changes!
This time - ok first look to the right side bar and note my 2010 updated goals..... *lose 5 pounds*
friends... I lost not only 5 pounds but 5 + another 7 pounds!  That's right - TWELVE pounds!
yep yep, I'm doing a little happy dance right now!

But, tonight... um yeah, I found a stash of mini reese's peanut butter cups, yum.....
a few of those won't kill me right?

So - happy snow day to my fellow Northeastern Kansans

One day I'll post some pictures of my NYE and other recent photos... problem is that I upgraded my phone to an iPhone (I have the greatest mom, thanks!) so now I have a phone that is smarter than me, and I no longer know how to get photos from my phone to my computer.

Can anyone help me with that?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm here

incase you've been wondering about me, I'm still here
I read everyone's blogs every day
just lately I don't feel as if I have much to talk about
that is, unless you want to know about me throwing up or making that mad dash to the bathroom for the big D..... TMI?
or the constant blowing my nose and sinus headaches that won't go away

then if it wasn't enough for just me to be sick, the little guy is sick again too
and you know when he gets sick he doesn't play around, he goes all out
went to the doctor on Tuesday, kid now has an antibiotic for pink eye, antibiotic for a burn he got over the holidays, antibiotic for some respiratory junk that keeps on coming.... then Wednesday his ear started draining, so we started his antibiotics for the ear infection.  
yes my friends, that is FOUR antibiotics!  And only one is oral, insane....
then I mentioned to the doctor that this child seems to smell like urine all the time
doesn't matter if he's just been bathed, fresh diaper, running around naked - whatever....
still smells like pee..... I swear I'm a good mom and my child is taken care of
turns out, doctor noticed the odor too.  Endocrine specialist came in, he noticed it, so now I had to get a urine sample yesterday from him and they're running some more tests... great.
and in February it looks like they plan on repeating his cystic fibrosis test.
if you remember he had one done last February and was just under the "positive" number.... great.

So, this is what I've been doing.
Oh, and trying to prepare for my boards (which was supposed to be yesterday but I had to reschedule)
and all this while my husband is still working 12hr night shifts, e.v.e.r.y. day.. which means he sleeps ALL day, e.v.e.r.y. day

this is one tired mom