Sunday, September 26, 2010


is moving by so quickly!  We are still hanging in here, barely.  I mentioned awhile ago that my husband was being laid off from work.  Well about 6 or 7 weeks ago he got laid off, sat at home for 3 weeks, got to work for 2 weeks, sent back home for 2 more weeks, worked for 4 days, then worked 4 days again... now he's back at the house.  Not all the bills are able to be paid, there are a lot of fun things that we'd like to do with our friends but aren't able to.... this part of life most certainly sucks.  I will try and remain positive and keep telling myself that "this too shall pass".

I had a test last week for school, it was not pretty.  I did not pass but luckily it did not bring my grade down to a failing I'm still passing the class but I'm just barely hanging on!  I've got another 2 weeks of the course left so lets keep our fingers (and toes!) crossed that I can pull it together and pass!

Logan - is still absolutely rocking it in soccer!  He makes me so proud!  School is going good for him but his teacher is a tough one!  She sends lots of homework home, lots of additional projects, it's exhausting!  Maybe it's just because I'm in school too but between having his homework, my homework, soccer practice, church after school program, 1-evening visit with his dad.... my Lord I'm pretty sure I never just get to hang out with the kid!  Thankfully his soccer coach finally lowered practices to only once a week instead of twice, that starts next week so I hope that will make our lives a little easier!

Riley - my little man turned 2 today!  It's hard for me to believe that he's so big already!  We had a birthday party for him today at our house, grilled some burgers and brats, chips, fantastic pasta salads, and yummy cupcakes!  I've got lots of pics to share but I'm gonna wait until I have some more energy to share them.

Busy week again for me, December can't get here soon enough!  Hope everyone has a great week!

me & the hubs waiting for Riley to make his debut

little man finally arrived!

Monday, September 20, 2010

30-day shred

By now we've all heard of Jillian Michaels and her 30-day shred....

Well I've kept this to myself because I didn't want to be embarrassed if I failed...
Today was day 11 for me!
Can you believe it? I've actually stuck with this for 11 DAYS!?!?
And I know you're all asking, how's the weight dropping off? yeah it's not!  WTH? 
I'm busting my rear making sure to work out every day, I'm in pain, and as I've heard other people say about this work out "it hurts to live"..... so why am I not losing weight? 
Absolutely no clue!
Even though I'm losing my motivation to do this I'm gonna go ahead and stick it out, just incase on days 29 and 30 I lose that 20 pounds that people say should come off! ha!
Wish me luck my friends!

Oh, here's something to make everyone laugh on a Monday... this is a picture of me after one of my work outs...  I had my great socks on, shorts that are too small, crazy hair, pink bra... anyway the outfit was classic.  The face I'm making? yeah I don't know why I'm making it! Honestly I don't know why I'm showing this to the WORLD but it makes me laugh! :-)
go ahead - I give you permission to laugh at me!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

doggie days

I've heard of people talking about how they take their dogs to dog parks all the time, never have I thought that I could be a "dog park" person.  Not because I'm stuck up or anything, or fear dogs... no in fact I'm a crazy dog lover, it's more like a sickness!  Every dog that I find I feel impulsed to save... it's an expensive issue of mine!  No the reason that I didn't think I could be a dog park person was because of my dogs!  I have 3 female dogs, I think I've shown pictures of them multiple times!  So I have Cosmo, she's my little baby, a little black/white boston terrier.  She absolutely loves everybody.  Then there is Sasha, a slightly overweight black lab, but who's judging right?  As long as she's comfortable in her own skin!  Anyway Sasha loves anyone who will talk to her or pet her however she can be slightly moody around other dogs.  And finally I have Bella, this is a red/white boston terrier who lets be real, needs a little Ridalin! ha ha!  She can also be slightly moody with other dogs.  Well today we met up with my sister, her husband, and their daughter Sadie (a black lab).  
My dogs were loved by everyone and every dog!  They made so many friends!  Even little Cosmo who can sometimes be extremely cautious in new places just took off and enjoyed herself the entire time we were there.  The dogs had 9 acres to run on, half of it was grass and the other half woods with trails.  Plus a huge water fountain just for them to play in!  How much greater can it get?   So now I'm on a mission to find some dog parks that are just a little bit closer than the city!  Here are some pics of my kids enjoying their day at the park!
Sadie & Sasha (Sasha is on the right) and one of their new friends
Miss Cosmo
Bella is way out there!
Sasha and Sadie again... Sasha was trying her dangdest to keep up! lol
and one more of the 2 cousins!

Friday, September 10, 2010


***I apologize for this lay-out... I can't seem to make all the photos be centered anymore? And spacing is being weird? What's up with blogger????***

I loaded the photos from my phone onto the computer so I thought I'd share those with you, these are OLD!

Riley just before surgery to put his tubes in (Dec 2009)
Logan & his cookies that he took to school for his b-day (Jan 2010)

Logan's bday cake
Sasha in my flower bed
my little kings
Riley torturing Cosmo, though it appears she may enjoy the attention!

Logan's birthday cake

my play doh boys
Riley with some cool Ironman glasses

enjoying one of our cool days of summer
the boys as we were picking out our kitten
summer day in our pool
more pool

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Oh how I loathe thee

I did a post awhile ago stating that we have two apple trees in our front yard.  When they bloomed this spring they were g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s!  You could not find a single flaw to these trees.  A few months later and the only thing I can think of is why haven't we cut these damn things down yet!  We have complete strangers who come by our house asking if they can have apples, it was okay the first time or so but it happens a lot!  Neighbors are always in our yard picking apples, I can deal with that.  I don't mind when our friends come over as long as they at least stop in and say hi too.  But here's the deal: there are apples everywhere!  We can't even mow the yard without shooting apple juice out the side of the mower - and no! I'm no exaggerating!  Once I even slipped on an apple with my left foot and FELL landing on an apple with my right knee... I was so bruised! (my pride and my knee!)  Here's what we're dealing with now.... the husband finally broke down and raked the fallen apples down so that we could mow.  

Anyone want some apples?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

is it fall yet?

Well if you come to my house it is!!!!  
Check out these cute scare crows! 
I found this little store in town, got the 3 little scare crows, the statue by the door, a wreath for the door, and one other statue (see the last picture of the cat)... all for $9!
Can we say SCORE!

How adorable is that?  $1.50!!!!!!!

cute soap

Love this cat... says "trick or treat" on the bottom

I've also got my fall decor on the dining room table but still looking to expand that so you'll have to wait for those photos!  

We are having some cooler weather around here, thank the Lord!  When I say cool I mean 70's and 80's, but it by far beats the 100's!  The change has been great it's allowed us to get outside some and enjoy the new patio and rake up apples (that's a post for another day).

Hope everyone is enjoying their September!