Thursday, March 29, 2012

it's been 2 weeks

so why not write another post.....

life seems to be the same, day after day.  Sleep, eat, play with kids, sleep, eat, moan about being uncomfortable, bitch about not loving my doctors, sleep, eat...

Remember a couple of weeks ago I told you that I had gestational diabetes.  So I've started that journey.  Luckily I haven't changed my diet too much and my sugars are staying within range, for the most part.  I do miss ice cream, and I miss Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs.  The things we do for our children! ;-)

I met with my perinatologist this week.  That was a pointless visit.  I met with the nurse for about an hour, she told me everything that I could expect.  Then the doctor came in, for less than a minute, and everything was different.  Less time consuming though so I guess that's okay.

I am definitely having a c-section, though the date has changed a couple of times. Should either be May 31st or June 6th.  However with new requirements, if I have it on May 31st they'll have to do an amnio first, I'm thinking the June date sounds just fine to me! lol

So that's enough about baby stuff.....

Kids are both doing good, Riley has been attacked with a serious case of allergies.  Poor kid.  We went to a new pediatrician today, who I LOVED, and we're starting on Benadryl for now.  She wanted to try some simple allergy testing on him but I opted to save that for another visit.  No reason to freak him out on his first visit to this lady!

Logan is doing good though getting quite the 8yr old attitude.  I guess we were doomed for this to hit us at some point, for the most part he's been a pretty good kid.  I think he's getting worn out with all of these activities and would just rather play.  Here's his week: Sunday and Monday = baseball, Tuesday = to his dad's house, Wednesday = soccer, Thursday = baseball, Friday = free day, Saturday = soccer.  Wow..... incase you didn't guess it on your own, we're pretty exhausted with his activities as well!

We finished our downstairs bathroom, next week our new hardwood floors will hopefully get in and we'll be replacing a lot of downstairs floors.  Me is one happy lady!  I'm excited to be able to share some pictures with you!

Friday, March 16, 2012


#1: Logan MADE the baseball team!!!!  I could not be prouder of him!  He went out and practiced with the team last night and he played like a champ.  This morning the coach called and invited him to join the team.  I can't wait to pick Logan up from school today and give him this fantastic news! 

#2: it's official - I have gestational diabetes.  Yuck, double yuck.  I'm so disappointed by this news.  Monday is my appointment with the diabetes clinic and then some time next week I'll be meeting with the perinatologist, along with my regular OB.  Guess I'll get 3 groups of doctors for the next few months.  On the positive, only 89 days left until my due date!  I pray the journey of changing my life style will go smoothly, for instance, Dr Pepper.  How does one go without?!?!?!

Oh, here's that photo I promised you, I'm 26 weeks here 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

proud mom moment

mixed with hesitation and fear!

Today I got a phone call from a coach saying that a teacher at my son's elementary school had referred my son to him to fill a spot on his baseball team.  Yep, that's right.... out of 16 first and second grade classes my son was thought of!  I'm super proud!  Logan is SO excited, excited isn't even the right word choice, he's beyond excited!

Now comes the hesitation.... you have to try out for this team!  My 8 year old is facing his first chance of being rejected.  Try outs are tomorrow and they only have 2 spots to fill.  Secretly I hope they are only having 2 kids try out, wouldn't that be nice? :)  I explained to him tonight that he will have to go and practice with the team and then the coach gets to decide if he'll be on the team or not.  I worked really hard at not using the phrase, "coach will decide if you are good enough".  I hate that and I would hate for him to think that at such a young age.  So my fingers are crossed that he will rock this try out tomorrow!

Now the fear..... this is a traveling team.  They practice 3 times a week.  Games are an hour away, and there are 4-5 tournaments during this season.  Plus, I haven't heard the cost yet.  I'm a little scared!  Not to mention that we just started soccer tonight, so that is 4 nights a week of practice.  Holy moly.  We were getting ready to start cub scouts next week, I think I'll wait on that for next year.

Wish us luck!

Friday, March 9, 2012

sugar overload?

This week I had to take my glucose test for gestational diabetes..... me + sugar = fail  :(
So this means on Wednesday I'll be going back and taking the 3 hour test.... sooooo not looking forward to sitting in a lab for 3 hours without food or water and getting my blood drawn multiple times (I have bad veins!)
Oh, and it appears I'm anemic.  Today was a great day for news!  Wish me luck next week!

Monday, March 5, 2012


March started out sooo beautifully in my neck of the woods.  March 1st (just so happened to be my anniversary) was 70 degrees!  L.O.V.E. it!  Next day, snowed! ha! But by noon that day it was 50.  Besides the wind that we've had this has been a beautiful March so far.  Oh how I heart spring!

This has been quite the year for me so far.  I'm learning who my true friends are, and saddened by those that are not.  I've given up a lot of hope in certain people and while that's hard for me it's a little refreshing just learning to let go and move on.  Does that make sense?

I'm co-hosting a baby shower next month for one of my oldest friends.  She's having a baby girl in May, hopefully I'll have a girl too so are kids can grow up being best friends! ;-)  The theme is "under the sea".  I ordered some amazing invitations that are so beautiful!  I've got a few ideas for decorating, anyone have any suggestions for me?

Our remodel of the hallway bathroom is finally done, took awhile and we had some set backs but it's finally done and it's beautiful! I'll work on getting some photos done and load them up here.  And I promise I'll get another belly photo one of these days.

Speaking of belly... I had some scares last week which have left me taking it as easy as I can.  Makes it a little hard at work since I do 12 hr shifts and they require a lot of lifting.  The other night when I worked there were 3 out of 7 of us pregnant so it made things a little difficult when trying to get things done!  I go back to the doctor tomorrow and am very much looking forward to some positive feedback.

And last, but certainly not least, please say a prayer for my friend Liz.  She and I are due about the same time, she is expecting a little girl.  Last week she got admitted into the hospital and will be there indefinitely, more than likely until her princess makes her big debut.  Say a prayer for her so that Miss Paiyton will stay put as long as possible, giving her less time to spend in the NICU!  Stay strong Liz!