Friday, February 25, 2011

I have been MIA for over a week now.  I'm still reading everyone's blogs just lacking in the energy to think of something whitty to put onto my own blog!  The last 24 hours have proved to be amazing for me, it's been a good reminder of how blessed I am.  I know this is vague but I promise to update you all once I know a little bit more.  But know this much, life is GOOD, and I will be celebrating this weekend! :-)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

a giveaway

So.... one of my favorite bloggers is having a giveaway, and let me tell you.... it's super fun!  There are many cute things included in this giveaway and I'm torn between the jewelry (cause this girl could use some help accessorizing!) and the Vera Bradley coin purse and photo album.... oh how I heart these items!  Check out Annie over at Chapters of our Life, however, please don't enter for the giveaway... don't want to hurt my chances! ha!  :-)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm still here, though to be honest I truly just don't know what to write about anymore. Life is at a strange point.  My kids are great, my 7 year old seems to be a genius and my 2 year old is lucky that he's cute as can be. I still have 3 dogs & 2 cats, and yes... I will be getting a 4th dog whether I like it or not.  Most advice I got from my readers was that I needed to tell my son "no" and that he was old enough to understand... but (no offense to anyone!) I just feel as if while he may be old enough to understand, he shouldn't have to.  He shouldn't have to be too mature yet, and he shouldn't be made sad because people he love give him a gift and I tell him no.  So as much as it sucks, the puppy will be here in a week.  I am still looking for a job, seriously, I have a minimum of 75 applications out there. r.i.d.i.c.u.l.o.u.s.  I did finally get an interview last Friday, and I have an interview tomorrow, and supposedly will have 2 more this coming week as well.  But until I actually get the call with an interview time, I don't believe the "little birdie" that says I'm getting an interview.  My fingers (and of course toes) are all crossed that one of these jobs will come through for me. And if I'm extra lucky, I'll get more than one offer and I'll then be stuck with the dilemma of which job I want! Sounds amazing doesn't it? (btw I always thought dilemma was spelled, dilemna... apparently I'm wrong, at least according to my computer... totally confused my brain).  Oh and I'm happy to let people know that today was nearly 60 degrees, and this entire week is supposed to be just as beautiful! It's wonderful, I'm praying that spring is coming early!  I know this sounds bad but seriously, I need away from my hubs.  I love him to pieces but we've been stuck together for so long! When neither one of us are working we are forced to spend lots of extra time together, most of the time (when we're both employed) we feel that we are blessed to have that extra time with each other... but lately, holy jeez I feel as if I can't breathe! I'm moody and I find myself picking fights.... distance makes the heart grow fonder.... ;)
lasty to my horse friends, hope you managed to make it through this blah of a post.  Question for you... my gelding has been kept in the barn for the last few weeks.  He gets fed 6-8 flakes a day and 3 scoops of grain.  Today I asked the barn owner to cut his grain back to 1 scoop a day.  My reasoning: when I went and "test-rode" this horse I jumped on him after he'd spent the last 8 months in pasture with being ridden maybe once.  I climbed up and took off like he was an old pro, and he really was! We walked, trotted, loped, galloped, backed, side pass, yada yada, he did it all and he did it all calmly.  The last few months, calmly isn't happening.  All I do is walk and we can't walk without prancing nearly the entire time (45 min to an hour), or tossing our head everywhere.  So, I've dropped the grain because that's the only thing different that I know of.  He didn't have grain where I bought him from, just open pasture.  Thoughts on graining? He's normally in a pasture/turn out but it's completely ate down and I'm not sure if there will be a round bale in it come spring... but he'd still be given at least 6 flakes of hay a day... is just the hay enough?  He's not used in competitions... he's completely a recreational vehicle... ;)  

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesdays Parenthood

Do any of you watch this show?  It's one of my guilty pleasures...
Lately one of the main topics has been one of the kids (she's 16) dating a boy who is 19.  In this picture, starting at the left, she's the teen in a denim jacket and brown pants.  
The girl drives me crazy... just fyi.
Anyway, the boyfriend works at a soup kitchen, he's 19, hasn't finished high school, is a recovering alcoholic (6 months sober), and lives by himself.  
The parents think he's a nice kid, but not a good situation for their 16 year old daughter to be involved with.  
So what's the daughter do? Dates him behind her parents backs.  The parents of course find out, because that's just how life works, right?  She's in trouble, of course.
She moves out, moves in with her grandparents....  and the parents allow it.

So really, I know this is t.v. but did anyone have this type of childhood?  Where you can speak that freely towards your parents and just move out because your parents won't let you date the boy that you want to date?  And seriously, if my parents allowed my 16 year old to move in with them because of this type of situation, oh hell no there would be some serious fighting happening.  

Look at this girl, she's got some serious attitude on her face...
I'll give it to her though, she's a good actress!

Monday, February 7, 2011

what's a mom to do?

I've mentioned before that my ex and I are not friends..... well I'm even less of friends with his father, in fact I haven't spoken with him in over 6 years. (his choice, not mine)

So... Logan turned 7 about a month ago, he was pretty sad when still 2 weeks after his birthday neither his father nor his grandpa had gotten him a present.  This past weekend was Logan's weekend with this dad... yesterday evening I was surprised with a phone call from my former FIL.   He told me he had a picture to send me and that Logan was so excited and needed to talk to me.  Um, ok.... turns out the FIL decided to give Logan a puppy as a birthday present.  Wow.  Then the FIL gets back on the phone and tells me that it will be another 2 or 3 weeks before the puppy can come home.  I ask where home is, and he answers that it's with me.  Nice.  So I talk to my ex and he says the puppy is coming to my house because he doesn't have room for another dog.  Really? Like my 3 dogs and 2 cats isn't enough for one house hold?

So what am I to do?  Logan got home last night very excited and carrying on about his new puppy, I told him we'd have to talk about it later.  So what do I do?  I'm the lucky one to break my son's heart?  The ex and his father get to make me out to be the bad guy?  Shit I have no clue what to do with this.... advice, please?