Saturday, September 18, 2010

doggie days

I've heard of people talking about how they take their dogs to dog parks all the time, never have I thought that I could be a "dog park" person.  Not because I'm stuck up or anything, or fear dogs... no in fact I'm a crazy dog lover, it's more like a sickness!  Every dog that I find I feel impulsed to save... it's an expensive issue of mine!  No the reason that I didn't think I could be a dog park person was because of my dogs!  I have 3 female dogs, I think I've shown pictures of them multiple times!  So I have Cosmo, she's my little baby, a little black/white boston terrier.  She absolutely loves everybody.  Then there is Sasha, a slightly overweight black lab, but who's judging right?  As long as she's comfortable in her own skin!  Anyway Sasha loves anyone who will talk to her or pet her however she can be slightly moody around other dogs.  And finally I have Bella, this is a red/white boston terrier who lets be real, needs a little Ridalin! ha ha!  She can also be slightly moody with other dogs.  Well today we met up with my sister, her husband, and their daughter Sadie (a black lab).  
My dogs were loved by everyone and every dog!  They made so many friends!  Even little Cosmo who can sometimes be extremely cautious in new places just took off and enjoyed herself the entire time we were there.  The dogs had 9 acres to run on, half of it was grass and the other half woods with trails.  Plus a huge water fountain just for them to play in!  How much greater can it get?   So now I'm on a mission to find some dog parks that are just a little bit closer than the city!  Here are some pics of my kids enjoying their day at the park!
Sadie & Sasha (Sasha is on the right) and one of their new friends
Miss Cosmo
Bella is way out there!
Sasha and Sadie again... Sasha was trying her dangdest to keep up! lol
and one more of the 2 cousins!


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

We used to love taking our dogs to the dog parks but I haven't found one here in KC yet. Is it fenced in?? We can't trust out dogs out in the open!

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

I was wary after hearing a few bad experiences from people who had encountered off-leash dogs who were very aggressive. We have a small beagle/terrier named Cous Cous and she thinks she's a big dog, so she's just too friendly for her own good. But we took her a few times to a middle-size one near us and she LOVES IT! Plus we love it because it totally tuckers her out for the night! Sometimes she falls asleep on the floor of the car.

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

You crack me up!