Monday, January 24, 2011


~I have super exciting news to share with the world, but out of respect for the people it involves I'll stay quiet for awhile long... lets just say this much, it involves diapers, and poop, and sleepless nights (and I couldn't be more excited!)

~last night I read an educational book to my 7yr old about sharks and in the beginning it speaks about how sharks can live in oceans, rivers, and lakes that connect to oceans.  Logan asks if our lake connects to an ocean, my response no, and he says "whew!"  (we spend a lot of time at a lake during the summer)

~ yesterday my mom made a turkey and had the family over for dinner, I baked a delicious pumpkin pie and apple turnovers, mom even said she liked my pie recipe better than hers....  success my friends... success

~ I am craving time in the saddle like no other, stupid snow is killing things for me! (seriously like 18 inches in 2 weeks, it's too much people!)

~ I have spent nearly zilch time with our friends lately, it's like winter has killed our motivation to do anything

~ I got a pedicure with my 2 sisters this past week, my toes look absolutely amazing! (who cares if the only people who get to see them our my kids & husband... my 2 yr old loves coming and pointing at them and saying "mommy pretty toes!)

~ hubs and I have spent time in Home Depot admiring the tiles that we want, the countertops, the faucets that we want for our home.... our goal was to do one project a year, last year was our patio, this year we are supposed to paint the outside of the house, we shall see.... (guess it would help if I had a job, yeah?)

~ ok, I'm giving up trying to write.  I had a TON of ideas of what to write, for the last week I keep seeing/doing/thinking of great ideas of what to put on the blog but of course when it came time to open the laptop I can't think of any of them!  (seriously, this is like my 3rd post in January, sad right?)

~ seriously I couldn't be any happier that January is almost over, this is a brutal month


Elizabeth said...

Baby #3?? :)

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

You're such a tease!

I have to keep a notebook with me to try to track the random ideas I get during the week. I also have a list on my phone for when I am out and about.

I love pedicures! It's been forever for me! IT's never the same when I do it myself.

Pink in a sea of blue said...

You're going to be an aunt?? I need a pedicure badly. I hate January, too...