Tuesday, September 3, 2013

woah!!!!! APRIL?

Wow.... so I haven't written here since April!  That seems unreal.....though I think I actually remember telling myself that I wasn't going to blog anymore.  I do have a small blog that on occasion I update (adoption blog!) but I rarely even touch that!  I read through some of y'alls blogs this morning, and man everyone looks great!  The babies are all so big now!  I'll give you a quick recap on my life:

I'm a SAHM, plus I work two twelve hour night shifts a week as an RN at an amazing hospital!  Sometimes I get to sleep, sometimes I count on my delusions to get me through the day! :-)  I have three beautiful boys; Logan 9, Riley (almost 5), Hunter 1.  We are in the process of adopting a beautiful girl, Haylie (almost 3), from China.  We hope to travel in either November or December to finalize the adoption and bring her home.  We can't wait to introduce her to a family life where she will be surrounded by so many people who love her already!

So you may be wondering why I've returned to this page.  Well, three weeks ago I challenged myself to living a new lifestyle.  Eating right, exercising (yikes!), and keeping a more positive opinion about myself.  How am I doing?  Actually I have impressed myself!  I haven't had a Dr Pepper in three weeks - people, this.is.huge.  No cappuccino, and rarely anything unhealthy has entered my body.  Anyone heard of Herbalife?  I used this product almost three years ago and lost 30lbs in three months.  I'm hoping to have such success this go around too!  

I have taken some before pictures and measurements, plus that before weigh-in, and my before time for my first mile.  Do you get to see any of that stuff now?  Hahaha! Nope, not quite yet.  I will say that in one week I managed to knock 2 1/2 minutes off of my mile and lost about 5 1/2lbs!  My second and third week have not been as exciting, which is discouraging!  

I'm "re-activating" this blog in order to have a place to track my weight loss journey.  I need this place to write down my frustrations as well as successes!  Where I'll confess to slips (like how I bought a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup in the Wal-mart check out and ate them both myself!) and my successes (like when I ran an entire mile without stopping!).  Today I start my C25K training.  I'm hoping to do a Rugged Maniac (5K obstacle course) with my brother in the end of October.  


Feel free to follow my journey, post as many words of encouragement as you'd like, and share your journeys!!!!!  We've got a lot of life ahead of us, and I refuse to live mine hating the way I look!


Heather said...

Greetings Kristen! Best of luck on your weight loss journey! My name is Heather and I was hoping you would be willing to answer a question about your blog! My email is Lifesbanquet1(at)gmail.com

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