Wednesday, November 16, 2011

how'd I do on my yearly goals?

HA!  All I can do is laugh when I see that on my side bar!  So, let's see....

~ run a 1/2 marathon  - absolutely won't be happening. I haven't continued with my running at all this year
~ read 3 books - haven't opened even 1, so getting 3 in between now and 2012 just isn't looking too promising
~ finish Riley's Christmas stocking - haven't worked on it once.... I suck.  But, have faith, maybe I'll get it done before Christmas!
~ lose 30 pounds (as of June I've reached my goal!) - I actually had reached this goal, pretty proud of myself. However, summer was tough and I gained some back. Still down 20lbs but would really like to be back where I was in June!
~ learn to deal with the 2 most difficult people in my life - still a work in progress but at least things are better!

So how are your goals going this year?


Courtney said...

sometimes goals are meant to be broken, i am guessing you did lots of other things you didnt plan on doing!

Shannon said...

Open a book and relax!! You'll be glad you did :o) You can TOTALLY get three in by the end of the year! I still have NINE to go!

Llama said...

Welcome back to you too!!! Can't wait to catch up! Looks like you did a pretty great job on those goals! I didnt even make one~ your steps ahead of me! GO girl!