Thursday, December 1, 2011

yesterday I was 12 weeks along, can you believe it? 12 weeks already.... man this is going fast!  How have things been going? They're good!  I dealt with some sickness at about weeks 6-8, ick is all I can say.  Not once have I had morning sickness with kids, this go around it was the all day sickness.  And worse at night, which was fantastic for me since I work nights.  I'm gonna confess, yes, I threw up in a patient's bathroom. Not my finest moment!  I have no belly yet but my boobs are definitely growing!  It's making some of my work clothes slightly uncomfortable.  I'm in a wedding this Saturday, let me just tell you.....when you order your bridesmaid dress and you are 4 weeks pregnant, order the dress one size bigger.  Seriously, the headache I would have saved myself!  Luckily David's Bridal worked their magic, got me the same dress from another store and in one day had it sized down from a 20 to me (haha, yeah right, like I'd really put my size on here!).  While working their magic was fantastic, it was quite costly.  So once again, always order one size bigger!!!!!

So this was my baby update, more life updates to come..... hope you stay tuned! :)


Llama said...

OHHH my goodness!!! Congratulations!!!!!! Oh how I've missed you! Can't wait to catch up!!!:)

Lucky in Love said...

Apparently I have been under a I owe you a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to follow along :)