Monday, December 19, 2011

What's in a name?

Sage: Wise One
Kristen: Christ Bearer
Logan: Small Cove
Riley: A Small Stream

our boy choice: can't say cause it would give the actual name away! lol
our girl choice: gift from God

We have picked our names!!!! YAY!  I love them both so much, kinda wish we were having twins, one of each so that I could use both names! :)  As of now we aren't going to tell anyone our name choices, we're still trying to decide if we'll wait until the day the baby is born for the big name reveal.  We figure since we aren't finding out the gender of the baby until then we might just keep everything else a secret!


Emily said...

Or maybe you should give a girl a break and let me know at least ONE secret!!! Lol, jk I think it's fun!

whimsy said...

im so excited for you!!! and i cant believe that you are waiting to find out what the gender is! congrats!!

Anonymous said...

Know how horses live up to the names given to them? So do dogs and people. I have a dog, Copper River, who was harder to housebreak. And when he wee'd, it was a river!

Same with my son, Dude, who shares a river name you mentioned. He used to flood, FLOOD his diapers on a regular basis, even if they were just changed! Bed wetting has been an ongoing issue until recently. And he's 10. So, be careful what you name a person/thing! They will live up to the name!