Wednesday, February 22, 2012

24 weeks, aka 6 months

Weight gain: About 5 pounds

Maternity Clothes: I wear some maternity shirts, got some super cute ones at Old Navy! No pants yet, though that won't last long! Will probably order some online today!

Sleep: I miss sleeping through the night without moving once... now it seems I toss and turn every hour! And of course get up to go pee at least twice!

Gender: we opted not to find out!

Belly Button: Still in

What I miss: sleep, going a day without having a horrible popping feeling in my belly (round ligament pains)

What I am looking froward to: finding out if we're having a baby girl or boy!

Milestone: I haven't been nauseaus in a few weeks!

Size of baby: almost 12" long, and just over a pound
maybe I'll surprise you all with a belly shot later this week! 


Elizabeth said...

Did you mean to put a one in front of that five? Because five pounds cannot be right! I've gained 18 and I'm a week behind you. :) I've gained five pounds just in one of my boobs. I'm sure of it.

Tell me that's a typo.

Kristen said...

nope sorry, just 5 pounds! But I had excess weight to begin with! :)

Mrs. Pedersen said...

I would miss sleeping through the night without moving, too!! I'm already such a light sleeper.