Wednesday, February 8, 2012

baby nursery

I have the itch to start on a nursery.  
Oh how it would have been nice if we knew what gender this little bean is!  
Here is my inspiration photo:
This room is amazing isn't it!?!?!?  Our guest room is painted that green color already, and we have this amazing window so the long pink curtains will look amazing! And that tree? Yes, definitely worth loathing over!  Pretty sure we'll be finding a chandelier as well!
Here is the room that we'll be turning into a nursery, as long as the bean is a girl... if not, this room will get turned into Logan's.

Speaking of girl.... according to the Chinese Calendar this little bean is a GIRL! :-)
(I'm not superstitious at all.....well, maybe this one time I will be)

Oh, and this is my 20 week belly shot..... (2 weeks ago)

I got my referral to an endocrinologist yesterday, time to go in and see if I can go the rest of my pregnancy without having my thyroid mass biopsy'd again until after the bean is born.  The talk at the end of the summer was biopsy it one more time and then remove the right thyroid gland.  
Yuck yuck yuck....
Crossing fingers that we can just wait awhile longer before anything drastic happens!


Shannon said...

You look amazing! I'm so excited for you :o)

Emily said...

Lookin good lady! Love the nursery idea :)