Friday, June 26, 2009

the healthcare system sucks

I am so irritated today with our local healthcare, I need to vent just momentarily! I went to the dr's office on Tuesday to have my cholesterol checked, and since they were taking blood we went ahead and did an allergy check and also tested me for celiac's disease (I'm sure I didn't spell celiac's right). So, I get a call from the nurse yesterday evening telling me my results... allergies are fine, negative celiac's, but cholesterol is really high. For those of you who know, total cholesterol should be under 200 and mine is 310, and the bad cholesterol should be under 130 and mine is 241. So yeah, I've got some issues. The nurse tells me that the doctor wants me to come in to discuss the results, which leads to me getting an appointment this morning. I sit and wait and once I finally see the doctor she goes over the exact same thing that the nurse had already told me! Then she says "since this is a special/high risk case I'll need to refer you to a specialist". So I had found a sitter, sat and wasted my time, just to hear her say she couldn't help me. Seriously, you couldn't tell me this over the phone?! So not only did I waste my time, I never found out why I'm a special/high risk case! And I can't get into the doctor for another week, so if I'm so high risk why am I the only one worried about that?

Overall this was just another way for the doctors to bill the insurance company....

Alright, I'm done, thanks for letting me vent! Have a great weekend!


Feener said...

i hate that. i always explain before i make an appt of the only days/ times i can do b/c i have 2 kids. otherwise i have to trapse my 2 kids in with me..which they hate. that is the doctors HATE me having hte kdis there.

mcharris said...

Dunno if you are aware of this but with those cholesterol numbers you are GOING to be prescribed a cholesterollowering drug most probably a STATIN....... may I suggest you learn as much as you can about this cass of drug as possible before your specialist appointment.