Monday, June 22, 2009

Key West

Key West.... the guy laying on the ground is actually a statue... and the other guy is my hubs!

fresh catch of Mahi Mahi

a beautiful church

our first pub stop!

I had to take this pic... you have no idea how many speedos there were!!!! The scary part is that the old guys (50+) were wearing thong speedos! :(

beach at Key West

yay for snorkeling!

a bum and his dog

I never claimed to be "cool"! lol

feeling pretty good! We did a pub crawl on Duvall St.... 5 bars in an hour and a half.... oh yeah, we felt really good! :)

leaving Key West

final night on our ship. A $5k B-I-N-G-O game, we thought for sure we were winners.... sadly we were wrong!


Cristina said...

that beach looks amazing!!

Taryn said...

Oh fun! We went to Key west too- but didn't see any of the same stuff! We went to the Hemmingway house. And that was about it. We didn't have very much time there. oh well. maybe next time we can see all the cool stuff you saw!

Anonymous said...

sweet speedo! Lol! We ran into the same thing in Cancun and its shockingly hard not to stare.

Elizabeth said...

Key West is great - did you take a pic on the Southernmost point? That seems to be a big tourist spot.
The pub crawl looks fun!