Friday, March 16, 2012


#1: Logan MADE the baseball team!!!!  I could not be prouder of him!  He went out and practiced with the team last night and he played like a champ.  This morning the coach called and invited him to join the team.  I can't wait to pick Logan up from school today and give him this fantastic news! 

#2: it's official - I have gestational diabetes.  Yuck, double yuck.  I'm so disappointed by this news.  Monday is my appointment with the diabetes clinic and then some time next week I'll be meeting with the perinatologist, along with my regular OB.  Guess I'll get 3 groups of doctors for the next few months.  On the positive, only 89 days left until my due date!  I pray the journey of changing my life style will go smoothly, for instance, Dr Pepper.  How does one go without?!?!?!

Oh, here's that photo I promised you, I'm 26 weeks here 


Leslie G said...

Well you look so great! Sorry to hear about the GD- that stinks. Congrats to your little guy for making the team!

Liz said...

did he try out for the blue jays?

good luck monday - let me know what they say!

Lucky in Love said...

So sorry to hear this!! I had gestational diabetes as well so if you need to vent...I'm here :)