Wednesday, March 14, 2012

proud mom moment

mixed with hesitation and fear!

Today I got a phone call from a coach saying that a teacher at my son's elementary school had referred my son to him to fill a spot on his baseball team.  Yep, that's right.... out of 16 first and second grade classes my son was thought of!  I'm super proud!  Logan is SO excited, excited isn't even the right word choice, he's beyond excited!

Now comes the hesitation.... you have to try out for this team!  My 8 year old is facing his first chance of being rejected.  Try outs are tomorrow and they only have 2 spots to fill.  Secretly I hope they are only having 2 kids try out, wouldn't that be nice? :)  I explained to him tonight that he will have to go and practice with the team and then the coach gets to decide if he'll be on the team or not.  I worked really hard at not using the phrase, "coach will decide if you are good enough".  I hate that and I would hate for him to think that at such a young age.  So my fingers are crossed that he will rock this try out tomorrow!

Now the fear..... this is a traveling team.  They practice 3 times a week.  Games are an hour away, and there are 4-5 tournaments during this season.  Plus, I haven't heard the cost yet.  I'm a little scared!  Not to mention that we just started soccer tonight, so that is 4 nights a week of practice.  Holy moly.  We were getting ready to start cub scouts next week, I think I'll wait on that for next year.

Wish us luck!

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Pink in a sea of blue said...

Good luck to your son! Welcome to my world! My son is 7 (today!)and he's currently in cub scouts, baseball and soccer...thankfully though only 1 soccer practice and 2 baseball practices and a cub scout meeting during week and 2 games on the weekends. It's crazy. And know that cub scouts do a lot on weekends (campouts!) and that interferes with the sports. I'd wait on that, too if I were you.