Thursday, July 16, 2009

life and it's craziness...

To start this post off my little town opened the doors to it's brand spanking new Super Wal-mart! Now to most people this wouldn't be a huge deal however, to this town (and apparently all the surrounding counties) this is a must see, but be at event! I guess part of the excitement comes from the fact that this particular Walmart is the 3rd largest in the country.... all at once now "ooooohhhh....aaaaaahhhhh" yup, something to be proud of I guess! lol So my husband and I took the kids there at 9:30 pm on opening day (my hubbys idea, not mine!) and the store was absolutely packed! We waited in line for at least 25 minutes to check out, ridiculous! Granted they do have a much bigger selection than our plain jane Walmart. I'm pretty excited to see how much (if any) money I can save by doing my grocery shopping there.

About 3 weeks ago I started keeping a "spare" kiddo a few days a week. I thought that having another boy close to my son's age would be good for him, help make things less boring. The main thing I'm noticing is that I need to work harder on being tough. I get on the boys for jumping around everywhere, rough housing, yelling, etc and it seems like I talk to a brick wall! Lol Now I clearly remember those days where my mom would lecture me and I just kept on going.... is this my payback? Today my son was playing rough with our new friend and his cousin, well he "body-slammed" his cousin into a wall in his room. 1st problem, pushing a girl. 2nd problem, I had just finished saying "no more rough housing inside!". and the 3rd problem, he shoved her so hard there is now a hole in the wall the size of my 10 year old niece! So here we are trying to sell our house and now we need to replace the sheetrock and repaint... oh joy! Oh and for those concerned, the niece wasn't hurt. I think this just happened to be a freak accident. When I told my husband about the incident his comment was "why are the boys even inside? It's summer, the only reason they need to come in is to pee and eat lunch!". Personally it's too hot for me to want to be outside so I'm not about to force the kids to be out there.... mainly because I don't want to go out and watch them! Lazy much? Maybe so but the air conditioning is so much more comfortable!
Look at these boys.... I know you're all jealous that I'm hanging out with 3 handsome boys!

Along with my blog I also have a facebook account. I have over 160 friends. Seriously? I talk to like 3 people on there who the hell are these 160 +/- friends? My curiosity got to me so yesterday I made "lists" of the people. Something like 96 of these people are "friends" from high school. What a crock! I'm sure I wasn't friends with the majority of these people while in school so how come we're suddenly friends now? Not to worry I know the truth, just these nosy ass people wanting to see my pictures. And of course I don't want to appear to be a bitch so I go ahead and accept the friend requests. My request to these curious people, once I accept your request at least stop in and say hello! Half of the people I've never even talked to on there! So anyway, back to where my facebook topic was originally supposed to take me. Today I received a friend request from my biological dad. I haven't really talked to him for awhile, and I can count on both hands the number of times I've seen him my ENTIRE life.... obviously I can't decline his request, but now I feel like my life is out there for him to see and maybe I should be guarded about what I post. (not to worry, no dirty pics or anything like that!) On the other hand, I browsed his page today and had this overwhelming lonely feeling. This desire to know him better. I see so many features that I got from him, we seem to have a lot of similar interests. At times I wish that I could just reach out to him and try to know him better. Then the fear of rejection kicks in and I opt out of making that connection. Oh the confusions of life....

My final topic is referring to this blog. I sometimes look at my small number of followers and think how sad and lonely my blog is. But then I remember that I have not told my friends or family about my blog. On one hand I love that I haven't because I can write whatever I like and not worry about biting my tongue. On the other hand, sometimes I wouldn't mind people that I know reading what I write. Anyone got any thoughts they'd like to share about this?

So.... there was my LONG entry for the day, lots of rambling but overall good topics right? Now if only I can convince my body to go to sleep... night everyone!

oh and before I go! There is no longer any hint of blonde in my hair, it's officially brunette and part of it would probably qualify as black! Very different but I love it! :)

And.... look at this adorable baby boy, how did I get so lucky?


Anonymous said...

Aww I love the 3 boys pic. You just need to yell at Devin, that seems to be the only way to get thru his thick head! Lol. And I told him today if you say go outside, that means go outside! (grin)
As far as the dad thing goes, I can't say I relate, but I would be very curious to learn more about him and maybe spend time with him and if he rejects that, its his loss, not yours.

Elizabeth said...

Riley is so cute! So presh. :) For the blog, I say yea go ahead and show friends and family (if you want to). Don't filter anything you say except if you are saying something specifically bad about someone. Other than that, still write what you want!
And WalMart is amazing! I can't believe how big it is! So funny how excited we all are about it. :)