Monday, July 13, 2009

Mommy what's this????

I swear that's what Riley is saying to me every time he's taking a bath. He has found his "man-hood"! Anyway, Mr Man is 9 months old already, I cannot believe he's so big! I had to take him into the doctor last week to check his ears out. I guess the car seat companies are suggesting new state laws which according to my pediatrician means we'll probably see the laws being passed soon. According to statistics, it is safer for kids to remain in rear-facing car seats until they're older. Apparently more kids are injured in accidents if they are facing forward vs facing rear. You will never believe the age that is being recommended...... it is highly recommended that children remain rear-facing until they area 4 YEARS OLD!!!!! Fellow moms out there, can you even imagine your child facing the rear for 4 years?! I can't! My son is 9 months old so he is still rear-facing, however he is already cramped up! I'm definitely hoping that the law isn't passed. If it's safer for our children then I understand it, however here is my question. How have they been testing/studying these accidents? Does anyone out there really keep their kids facing the rear until they're 4 years old?

Moving on, last week I posted pictures from our Colorado vacation. My dad was nice enough to pay for the entire vacation so in return my siblings and I cooked him an amazing dinner on Sunday night. My parents have a beautiful Weimereiner (sp?), she's not the smartest dog but absolutely gorgeous and we love her in spite of her flaws! My parents live in the country but they are right off of a fairly busy black top road. Josie (the dog) absolutely loves being a country dog and is constantly running near the road, chasing cars, going visiting with the other country dogs. Sadly Sunday was the last time we got to love on her. She got a little too close to a passing car (a car that was driving way too fast). At least for her sake she was killed instantly. So our very fun family gathering turned into a very sad evening. My sister and I had our kids there who absolutely loved Josie, there were a lot of tears shed! So RIP Josie, we love you and miss you!

And on a more positive note, my house was shown 5 times last week! We're keeping our fingers crossed that one of these lookers will turn into a buyer. There is one very interested person but she's concerned with having to carry groceries up the stairs..... hopefully she'll understand how motivated we are to sell and that will put her worries aside!!!!!


Trixie said...

wow 4 years old! i think that is a bit insane.

Anonymous said...

Devin has always been tall or longer and I could not imagine him rear-facing when he was 4, way too cramped.
Sorry to here about Josie, so sad.

Elizabeth said...

How sad, poor girl - hope you all are doing ok.