Wednesday, July 22, 2009

meet Bella

well I promised a surprise, and here she is! Today the kids and I spent 7 hours in the car to get this little lady. She was rescued from a kill shelter so we decided to adopt her. Yes this does mean that we have 3 dogs now... 2 Boston terriers and a lab. Why did we do this? Well because we can! We have the room for a 3rd dog and can afford to feed another small dog like this. So far she is fitting in wonderfully, she loves the kids and our other dogs could care less that they have a new roomie!

Hope everyone had a great hump day!


S. said...

aww so cute! love the name!!

Taryn said...

Oh my- adorable! I had three dongs growing up and it was awesome. Now I have no dogs and it is sad. Someday.

Love the name!

Anonymous said...

Cute! :)

Leslie G said...

Such a cutie! My neighbors have a dog named Bella. So now, whenever I hear of a little girl named Bella, I always think it's a dogs name, LOL!