Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend re-cap

Friday night: I felt crabby as could be so opted to send the boys to Best Buy with dad while I stayed home and mowed. We had a showing of our house scheduled for Saturday so I was rushing to make things look wonderful!

Saturday: husband had to work (again) and the house was being shown between 11:30 - 1pm. I decided to load the kids up and take them out to the ranch where I grew up riding horses. We had so much fun! Petting horses, throwing rocks in the pond, playing on the swings, feeding horses.... it made me realize how much I miss that life. Lucky for me if we can sell our house we'll be moving to the country and I'll finally be able to have a horse again! So following our barn afternoon we came home to meet daddy, everyone took a 3 HOUR nap! Can you believe that? Between me, the husband, the 5 yr old, and a 9 mo old, we all slept for that long.... sooo relaxing! Then it was time to load up and head off to Atchison, KS for the Amelia Earhart festival for one of the best firework displays ever! The show has a music that goes along with it and this year it was all Disney music - some of my fave!!!! Late night for us, didn't get the kids into bed until midnight... yikes!

Sunday: my BIL came over in the morning to patch up the hole in my son's room. Then we were off to the Missouri side of the river for some hiking... what a beautiful day it was! My husband and Logan (5yr old) took their bikes and Mr Man (9 mo old) and I used the stroller.... 4 1/2 miles later we were done! Loved it! The scenery was amazing, the trail was so well kept, it was great! After hiking we headed to our new Super Walmart to do our grocery shopping. I have to tell you that I wasn't overly impressed with the store. Mainly the produce.... I wanted a tomato, they had no red tomatoes only orange... is that normal? Then it took me forever to find a good head of lettuce and lets not get me started on the bagged lettuce. Oh ok you convinced me, I could barely find a bag of salad and there was no hope for a bag of shredded lettuce.... the 2 bags that they had were brown! So.... not sure if I'll ditch Price Chopper any time soon or not. Back home for pork chops, scalloped tators, and green beans... yummy! Kids are in bed and I just finished watching Lindsey Lohan's new movie 'Labor Pains'.... it was ok.

Here are some pictures from our hiking today.... enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! Was this in Weston?

Elizabeth said...

Hey I wanna go hiking! :) Where did you go? How did the house showing go?