Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am a very thankful person. A list could go on and on for miles and it still wouldn't cover how thankful I am.
  • I have an absolutely amazing husband. He accepted me for who I am. In times when I doubted most everyone and didn't think that happiness was in the cards for me, I found him... or he found me? We found ways to heal each others wounds. We found absolute happiness with each other.

  • I am soooo thankful for this guy right here! Despite the mud, the attitude, the tantrum (oh yes they still happen!) I couldn't go on a day without him! I learned a lot about myself when I had Logan and I live my life now to show him that he can do whatever he wants, it's never too late!

  • And then there is this little guy! Who could keep themselves from falling absolutely in love with this face?! He is so silly and brings so much joy to my life.

  • I have an amazing house! We have more than doubled our space with this new house, it has 3 BATHROOMS! Yes I'm bragging, shame on me, but I'm here to tell what I'm thankful for.... let's be honest. Do you have sons? Do you have a husband? You'd be thankful for 3 bathrooms too!

  • I have family that lives close to me. At one point I wanted to move as far away from this town as I possibly could.... granted I'd still love to move away but that is for another chapter of my life. With my children being young this is where our life is supposed to be, close to family and friends.

  • I am SSSSOOOOOOO thankful that the radio stations are playing Christmas music now! I know it may seem a little early to some people but I personally cannot get enough of the Christmas season!

  • I'm so glad that next Wednesday is Veteran's Day so that we can have an extra family day! (hubs is off work and Logan is out of school!)

That's all for this week... yes there is a lot more that I'm thankful for but I'll save it for later posts!


Jennifer said...

You have a beautiful family!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute pics!