Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What's In Your.....?

We all know those commercials, you know, the "What's In Your Wallet?" For awhile I've been thinking about starting up a new weekly post, so I think this is what I've come up with!
What's In Your...... _________?
I fully intend on being completely honest, no cleaning before taking pictures.... in return I ask that you don't judge!!!

So for this first week....
What's in your bathtub?
Interesting I know, most people would think... um nothing! Unless you have a separate shower from your tub, and then you just might understand what I'm talking about! So here it is....

Seriously who does this? Who has an amazing jacuzzi tub to use and then just lets it fill up with clothes??? Well, I guess this girl does. It's temporary though so don't get too worked up! And the ugly wall paper is temporary too.... if you look closely, behind the Scooby Doo gift bag is some fun little bath soaps and some flowers.... yep, one day I'll actually enjoy that bathtub!

So, what's in your bathtub?


Annie said...

you are too funny!!
i have nothing in my bathtub! haha!!
now if you go ask my grandma she might be hoarding stuff in hers! LOL!
looks like you could use a laundry basket, hehe.

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

girl, you are really cracking me up.
my bathtub is used for showering, b/c i am not as fortunate as you to have a separate bathtub/shower. someday it's in my plan to have a big two person soaker tub, and a spa-like shower but right now, i'll be happy that i have my own bathroom!

Jennifer said...

This is s fun post! Just the basics, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and soap. Nothing exciting. I love the scooby bag. Give yourself a break mama!! You just moved!!

Lucky in Love said...

Okay, you are better than me. We really don't use our tub...so one time I trimmed Matt's hair with a razor in there...oh about 2 months ago...and the hair is still in there!! Ick.

Taryn said...

We don't have anything in our bathtub- but that is because it is our only one. When we have more - I will get back to you. I am thinking it will collect some weird stuff.

Elizabeth said...

Love the idea... I've got nothin' in the actual tub part, since we use it, but lots of things around it like shampoo, face wash, and all the other stuff we need!