Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Any AI fans?

My picks
Andrew Garcia
Michael Linch
Todrick Hall
Katie Steven
Lacie Brown

Husbands AI choices
Casey James
Andrew Garcia
Todrick Hall
Katie Stevens
Crystal Bauersocks
Lily Scott

I apologize to all of you for mis-spelling your names!
These our my hubs and my favorites for the top 24. Once we narrow down to the top 12 I imagine that we'll make some adjustments!

Who are your favorites?


Nic said...


Annie said...

i love AI!!
i don't have a favorite yet....i want to see the show next week!

Summer said...

Hi I just ran across your blog and it is sooo cute....Love it! I am a big AI fan!! Love AI! Actually I am a reality show junkie LOL.... I can't wait to see the show next week....I don't have a favorite yet....but I am sure I will soon enough...

Have A Happy Thursday
Summer :0)