Sunday, February 7, 2010


My heart is aching tonight. I got news that a gal I used to work with had a horrible house fire today. The entire family was injured (3 kids, herself & her husband). Sadly one of her daughter's passed away. I do not know which one, but one of her daughter's went to school with my 6 year old and the other daughter is younger. Her son, maybe 11?, is in ICU. I cannot imagine the grief that this family is/will be going through. The husband is a fire fighter so his co-workers are the ones who had to work this fire call. I imagine that was probably some of their worst experiences and images they will never forget.

So tonight I say a prayer for this family, and make sure to tuck my kids in tight and give them a kiss. Life is short and you just never know how much time you'll have. I pray that I never have to lose a child.


Adge said...

that is so sad. that is one of my many fears. having a house fire and losing everything

Leslie G said...

That is so heartbreaking. When you lose everything you can usually rest easy knowing your family is safe- I just cannot imagine what they would be going through.