Thursday, February 11, 2010

Any runners out there?

I've been using the couch to 5k program as the exercise portion of my diet. It's been fun but pretty painful! The problem is that I get shin splints! It seems that no matter what I do, stretching/icing, the pain won't go away. For those not familiar with the couch to 5k, you walk/run 3 days a week, giving yourself a day off in between running. So my legs are getting heal time. It has been quite painful for me to run but I'm pushing through it and finishing my workouts. My question, how do I make this pain stop!!!??? Please, all the advice that I can get I will TAKE!


beany02 said...

make sure you stretch really well before and after, that seems to keep my legs from getting sore

trifitmom said...

i would recommend a physical therapist to help out as well. ice them EVERY night and as painful as it is rub them down. most important is to stretch AFTER you run