Monday, February 22, 2010

happy Monday folks! Busy next few days for me. Today is my last study day for a big test tomorrow.... why do I procrastinate? The husband is home sick today, he spent his night bowing to the porcelain god. Logan is home from school today due to another massive snow that dumped on us yesterday. Hopefully I can still manage to get hours upon hours in of studying even though I'll have a million distractions.

Tomorrow I have a test, big test. Ugh, this class only has 3 tests total so it's tough to make sure to keep your points up. So far I'm doing fine but this test makes me nervous!

Wednesday: up at 4:30am, clinical until 5:30pm. Drive to dinner with fellow classmates, then a meeting from 7 - 9pm. I'll be getting home around 10pm, which means I won't see my kids that entire day. :( and of course I'll be exhausted!

If I can just make it through Wednesday I'll be golden, no school again until Tuesday!!!!!

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