Tuesday, March 16, 2010

American Idol

Do any of you watch AI?
I'm addicted so of course it's DVR'd and then watched whenever
we have time.
This week we actually are watching on the correct night!
Was anyone impressed with these performances?
Not me...
Maybe it's because I'm not a follower of the Rolling Stones, honestly
I only knew 2 of the songs and those were not too impressive.
Is it just me or does this season just kinda suck?

Other t.v. news: I LOVE Parenthood! It's only been on twice but
it's really good!
Also, Who Do You Think You Are?
Very cool!

So I need some topics to chat about...
Any questions that any of my readers have for me?

Random: I've finally listed my blog on facebook... dun dun dun....
Oh! And this GoogleReader thing that people talk about,
how do I do this? Something I should be following?


Kayla said...

I Love American Idol, usually.... I am so not impressed with this season though! What a bummer! Anyway, Google Reader is AMAZING! I don't actually go to anyone's blog unless I want to comment. If you have Gmail, there should be at the very top listed: Calendar Documents Web Reader more. Click on reader and you should see all of the blogs you follow on the left hand side. It's pretty convenient!

Adge said...

i use to love American Idol. I can't get into it this year. I don't really like any of them either.