Sunday, March 14, 2010

can you buy egg whites at the store?

who would ask such a question you ask?
this guy!
this would be my super smart husband!
(and I mean this in the nicest of ways because
he truly is super smart!)
Recently he has been doing the P90x, well let me re-phrase, he
talks about doing it and sometimes actually does! lol
Tonight he was looking through the meal guide that comes with the
program. Then the above question comes: "Can you buy egg whites at the store?"
I can't help but laugh thinking that obviously he is joking!
I said I'm not sure (cause seriously I'm not) but you can do the egg whites
on your own. Wait for his response... wait for it... wait for it...
"OH! You mean you just cook a hard egg and then cut off the white?"
No joke people!
So I continue to giggle.... and he says......
"Oh never mind, it's when you hard boil the egg, then you just take out the yellow."
Oh my dear husband how I love you so!
please know that I have now shown him how to separate the white from the yolk!

And here's another picture just for fun... someone just recently found his belly button!

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brittany barney said...

how funny. i love it...oh boys. you have two cute ones! thanks for your sweet comments they make my days!!! loves!!! you are darling.