Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patty's Day!

Today started out enjoyable for me, a little earlier than I would
have preferred, but still enjoyable!
My 3 nieces spent the night with us so I got up and
made green eggs & pancakes!
The kids were all a little freaked out by that but they
thought it was cool and even ate it!
Then we all got our green on and headed out to the parade.
Here's Logan - man he's getting so big!
What is funny about this picture is that I have one from
about 4 years ago where I'm trying to get him to wear
that wig and he is screaming.... too funny!
Riley on the other hand thought this wig was
super cool! He wore it for about 3 hours before finally taking it off!
Due to less-than-perfect weather, Riley and I hung out in the
car to watch the parade. We were lucky enough to find a
perfect spot to park so that we could stay in the car and still watch the parade!
After the parade we toughed it out for a few minutes & actually
took our coats off for a quick picture!
I think we're a pretty good looking bunch!
Here is a picture of us from last year.... the weather was soooo
much nicer last year! It's fun to look between to the two pictures
and see how much the kids are growing up!
Tonight the boys are going to go spend the night with their cousins
so that my hubs and I can have a little adult time.
Bring on the green beer!
On a small side note: I started my cleanser this week and have started
to feel the affects of it today. I'm slightly nervous
about going to dinner & for drinks tonight!!!!
Wish me luck!


SarahRachel said...

WOW! Ya'll rocked the green! And that breakfast is awesome...and also kind of gross looking, but mostly awesome. =)

Adge said...

Happy belated st pattys day. I wish i would have done something going to the parade seems like so much fun.
good luck with your cleanse

communikate. said...

Cute!! Way to celebrate the green! :)