Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weight - stupid weight

I know that I shouldn't whine, but I'm going to anyway.
5 weeks of dieting combined w/some exercise:
12 lbs lost

Some of you may be thinking that is wonderful!
Not so much!

I have been sitting at this weight for nearly 2 weeks!
I'm still watching what I eat and how much I eat...
still exercising at least 3 days a week...
I gave up Dr Pepper for petes sake! I expected more in return for that huge sacrifice!

Today I ordered some pills that help to do the colon cleanse...
not my idea of a good time
However, after researching, I figured I'd go ahead and do this over my spring break
(this way I won't have to be shitting my pants in public!) (excuse my french)

On a lighter note, I have 2 weeks of this class left. I'll miss the babies!
My final 8 weeks of the semester will be spent in Peds.
Also, my plans are moving right along for my sister's bridal shower.
I ordered some fabulous party favors last night, can't wait for them to get in!
I've gotta get the cake ordered & of course send out the invites....
Fun fun! So exciting!!!!

Back to the detox, anyone ever done that? Can you prepare me for what lies ahead?


Anonymous said...

I took the Colon Cleanse pills and it basically just made you go to the bathroom more often. There wasn't this huge mess or anything. It just flushed the toxins out and caused less bloating.

Kristen said...

girl, you are doing good! i understand your frustration though!!! i gave up regular cokes and swithced to diet and nothing. notta. good luck on the cleanse. let me know how it goes!!

CAPow! said...

12lbs is GREAT! It took me 6 weeks to lose 7lbs, then 2 weeks ago I started doing the Insanity workout routine with my bf, and my results have been SO much better! I'm still eating the same as I was with just going to the gym, but now instead of losing 0-1lbs a week, I've lost 2.5 each of the two weeks I've been doing the Insanity workout. That's almost equal to the amount I lost in 6 weeks. I've researched cleanses and the like, and I'm becoming a firm believer that exercise is really the only way. I feel so much better now than I did 2.5 weeks ago when I started the workout. And I'm physically seeing results already. I TOTALLY recommend it! (but good luck with the cleanse if you decide to do it!)