Wednesday, April 7, 2010

some of the best times

this is one of my favorite pics, to me it shows exactly what I was like as a teen. I know I look like a dork, that hat... wow... and check out those tapered jeans, hot!

This little lady walking next to me is Barbie. Nearly all of my childhood memories include her. Isn't she beautiful?
I know that in the eyes of fellow horse people she is built all wrong, high tail set, slightly sway backed, big ears, but this little lady is completely beautiful in my eyes. She could run like the wind, turn a barrel on a dime, and weave a set of poles like nobodys business!
About 3 years ago my awesome husband bought me another mare, just happened to be Barbie's daughter. Imagine my excitement! That excitement quickly turned to disappointment when we realized Miss Kat (the new horse) was a complete & total _-I-T-C-H!!!! She lasted in our family for about 3 months and then hit the road.

Now this horse, Mo Pep, is just about my absolute favorite horse. BTW I should add that I've had a total of 17 horses. I did quite a bit of barrel racing through middle & high school. This guy took me through high school rodeo and quite a bit of 4H. Sadly this guy got sold as a result of my first husband & our first house. :(

Now onto the exciting part of this post. My husband and I have decided to add to the family...not with another child but we're finally adding a horse to our family! This has been the part of my life that I've been missing and I absolutely cannot wait to have it back! Horse prices around here are sooo cheap it's ridiculous, people are just giving horses away! Within the last month a friend of mine bought a 6 year old paint stallion, fabulous bloodlines, broke to ride, easy to handle - $125.00 Ridiculous!

We are heading to a registered horse auction on May 2nd and I have full intentions of coming home with a horse! I'm so excited!!! Can't wait to share the pics!


communikate. said...

Wow. I hope you get a new horse! To be honest, I've always been frightened by them. I should get over that. They really are such beautiful creatures!

Adge said...

how exciting. I would love to own a horse, but would have no idea where to start or how to take care of one.

devin's mom said...

Sounds exciting! :)

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

Have fun!