Monday, April 19, 2010

weekend recap

busy busy busy!!!!
Friday night we dropped my oldest son off with his dad, then went to a bar/grill that is owned by some family friends of ours.... tacos & beer = delicious!
The husband and I were both sleeping before 10, does this mean we're old?

Then Saturday we got up and went to watch Logan play soccer, kiddo scored 4 goals!

after the game we came back home and I mowed the yard, then we got busy with my little brother's senior prom stuff.
Here's a picture of him & his girlfriend, aren't they adorable? Hard to believe that they'll be off to college in a few months!

After taking prom pictures we headed to a little town in MO, very quaint place, I love it! Antique shops, mom & pop type of places.... fabulous!

this town happens to be located right next to the river, there is a huge park that we can go play in, and a sidewalk going along the river, you can also jump down to the sandy beach that is right on the river, it's awesome! Great for summer evenings!
We walked through the street looking for some place to eat that had a patio, we passed a few things like this.... this one was a french bistro and the menu had way too many things on it that we had never heard of so we thought it best to just keep moving!

Until we found this cute little place

there were even tiki torches!

even Riley thought we'd chosen an excellent spot!

to end the night we posed with this fabulous man! :-)

Sunday we woke up early and headed over to the house we own to get it cleaned up for some new tenants. Lots of cleaning, HUGE yard to mow... so not fun. Then I met my sister to help her pick out some center piece stuff for her upcoming wedding. And of course settling down and trying to wrap the weekend up with baths for the kids and early to bed!
It's going to be another busy week for me with school so postings may be few and far between!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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