Wednesday, July 7, 2010

home away from home

When I think of my childhood this is what I think of.
Watkins 'C' Ranch.
I spent every waking minute that I could out there, cleaning stalls, grooming horses, riding horses, giving lessons, helping break/train horses, going to rodeos, making friendships that are still going strong. Those were the best days of my life (well pre-child & husband!).

In yesterday's post I whined a bit about getting soaked while feeding the horses. This is a picture of the main barn. The long building to the right is the indoor arena. The main barn holds 20 horses. The end of the arena holds 3 more, and then across the pond holds 6 more (picture of the little barn to come).

see the tiny red spot that is hidden by trees? That is our little barn. There is a little "road" going off to the left, we have to go down that, cross a little bridge, and walk up the path to get to the barn. Hopefully now you can tell why I was so "happy" about having to go back and forth in Kansas's little monsoon that we had over the weekend! lol

When you walk into the main barn here is what you see, at least the aisles of horses. The other side is a trailer filled with sawdust, a few other stalls, a tack room, and a break room (which thankfully now has heat & ac!!! A luxury we didn't have when I was a kid!)

at the very end of the above aisle is my lovely Lady! I know I told you all that her official name was Kasey, but I was wrong. It is now "Lady", even though she isn't always so ladylike, I too frequently found myself calling her lady as I was talking to her so I decided to just stick with it!

If you walk just past her stall this is the view that you'll get. My horse gets to stare at this all day and catch the breeze, I'd say she's got the best seat in the house!
Sadly the guy who owns this beautiful property is sorta a D*ck and won't allow us to ride in it... bummer.

Here is our indoor arena. I spent many Saturdays as a child competing in raceo's here... and might I add, I kinda kicked butt!

here is a picture of me & Barbie from about 15 years ago, whenever I think about my raceo days this is the photo that I think of....
just thought I'd share! :-)

such a beautiful eye, the eye of a horse can tell you sooo much! (this is Lady)
such a pretty muzzle isn't it?


Llama said...

WOW! What goooorgeous pictures! I have never ridden a horse before. It looks amazing!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

What a great place to have memories. Love the photos, especially of your horse. Beautiful scenery, too.

Anonymous said...