Tuesday, July 20, 2010

quick South Dakota vacation

We had a BUSY weekend. We left Friday at 1pm and drove to South Dakota. Our plan was to stop in Rapid City to spend the night and then finish our drive Saturday morning. Our plan went south very quickly! There was not a single hotel/motel with a vacancy for 100 miles. I do not lie. We drove and pulled off on every single exit and checked every single hotel, even the scary looking ones that in our right minds we wouldn't dare stop at. So our only option was to just keep on driving. Our final destination was Buffalo, SD (population 380).
We arrived at 3am SD time, which is 4am KS time.
Stayed at grandma's house instead of a motel, nice to save money, not so nice that people start showing up there for coffee at 5:30am and the guest rooms are right off the kitchen and not a single person thinks they should keep their voices down until at least 7am! No, I am NOT bitter at all!
We spent our Saturday in Camp Crook, SD (population 56). BTW this trip was because of a family reunion. So we did the typical reunion stuff, family lunch, golf, softball game, then dinner and a dance. I admit that my favorite part of these events is always the dance. It is all country music and every person on the dance floor dances with everyone and does all country/western dances. It's so much fun to watch. Sadly my husband and I have no skills with that type of dancing so we just watch, but that's ok too!
Sunday we hopped on the road at 9:30am and made it back to KS at 12:30am.... and I was back up Monday for a 9am funeral, not fun.
A few things I'm sad about: we didn't get to drive through the Badlands, no stop at Reptile Gardens or Bear Country, no 1880 town, no bloggie meet with The South Dakota Cowgirl (one of my favorite reads!)

Here are some photos from the trip, not much to see as I hated the camera that I had with me.

on the way we stopped in Sioux City, IA to play next to the Missouri River

we stopped in Chamberlain, SD to get gas This stop is right on the Missouri River, it's absolutely beautiful.

On our drive home we stopped on the other side of the river for our lunch, because of the dam it looks like a lake. The kids loved it!


devin's mom said...

Great pics!

Kristen @ Miss Prissy Paige said...

Oh my - sounds like quite the road trip!

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

Looks like a good time! You could have played in the Missouri River her from the ranch too- you know! We just have to drive through our choice of pastures to get there. :-) Glad you had fun! WE are offering ranch vacations next year. So you should plan one- when life gets back to normal for y'all!