Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th re-cap

Friday: the family and I took all the grandkids to see Toy Story 3, cute movie! I got soooo lucky and Riley slept through almost the entire movie! That evening we set off some day-works and night-works with my nieces since they were spending the weekend with their dad.... lots of fun!

Saturday: A very uneventful day! Both kids slept until around 10:30, how awesome is that?! We treated ourselves to breakfast at a local ma & pop cafe, oh how I love the biscuit scramble! Imagine a biscuit sitting on a large order of hashbrowns, topped with gravy, and then topped with 2 scrambled eggs. Oh my it is so delicious!
After breakfast we came home and took a family nap, wow I love those! Then I was off to the ranch to feed all the horses. I'm gonna go ahead and give myself the pity treatment now, I have to carry grain across our pond to feed horses in the little barn. As soon as I entered the little barn it poured rain. When I say pour I mean like a monsoon! Normally we keep hay stacked in the the little barn, as my luck would have it today there was none. So back in the rain to the big barn for hay, then back to the little barn, and back once more to the big one. You can imagine how lovely I looked soaked to the core, every bit of blowing dust stuck to me, pieces of hay stuck to me.... oh yeah, I was HOT!
So I took my hot self to Walmart on the way home to grab food for kabobs, thank goodness I didn't see a single soul that I knew there!
Dinner was fabulous.... kabobs with shrimp, scallops, steak, & chicken... corn on the cob, and rice.... oh I'm drooling all over again!
Then it was off to my parents house for a night of shooting off some fantastic large and loud fireworks!

Sunday: Up early, off to the store, home to clean and prepare for our bbq.
Off to the ranch to feed, and of course once again it rained on me. I swear this was not my week to have ranch duties! Mother nature has hated me!
Back home to shower and get chicken on the grill along with the brats for our bbq.
Hung out with the family for dinner, and then because Mother Nature has been so evil lately our firework show was cancelled... talk about a sad kid!

Monday: Day of laziness! I took Logan to see Karate Kid, he LOVED it and of course wants to know when he can start taking kung fu lessons! lol

Here are a few pictures from our weekend!

yay for bubbles!

isn't this cake fabulous? I made it myself!!!!
oh watermelon, you are so yummy!


Anonymous said...

awesome cake!! Post the recipe :)

Kristen @ Miss Prissy Paige said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Your cake is so cute - you did a great job!!

Lucky in Love said...

That cake is so cute :)