Sunday, May 1, 2011


I'm just a little late on this one, right?  ;)

The Friday before Easter my family spent the day together.  The kids and grandma went to see Hop at the theater and then afterwards we met up at my mom and dads to decorate eggs.  

Then Easter morning we woke up to find that the easter bunny had came to our house! Shocker right?! :)  Logan was so cute, the night before he was mad because the hubs and I were going to stay up and watch a movie, he was absolutely certain that the easter bunny would not come if we weren't all in bed.  He relates the easter bunny and Santa to be pretty much the same thing.....

Here are some of my decorations, no wait, ALL of my decorations.  Hopefully next year I can add to the decor.... oh, and please excuse my laundry basket in the corner - at least it's clean clothes, right?

the bunny hid eggs all over....

the kids were so excited in the morning to see their baskets and have to look for eggs
(warning: lots of pictures!!!!)

yummy peep!

playing his new "train" horn

yay for a new Spiderman hat!

finding eggs

then it was time for Sunday school and Church
Logan is the front center one
the middle 2 people are my sister Emi & my mom....btw Em felt baby Eli moving for the first time while she was playing bells here!

after church it was time to go to mom's to see what the Easter bunny brought there!
But first, more pictures!
all of the grandkids

me & my siblings.... Sarah, Billy, me & Emily

us kids and our other halves

now the hunt for baskets is on, do any of you have to hunt for your baskets too?

and finally the hunt for eggs

So, was that enough Easter for you?  I hope that everyone had as wonderful of an Easter as my family did.... we are definitely blessed!

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Shannon said...

We always had to hunt for our baskets! I loved it.