Wednesday, April 27, 2011

more of Sarge

I recently moved Sarge (my horse) to a new barn
I'm fairly certain that he's much happier there....
he gets out to play in a grassy pasture daily, and he's with four other
geldings who are super nice to him
We moved him on a Friday morning, that Sunday morning I showed up to take him for a ride,
he was out in the pasture with his new friends and they were running across the field - SO cute!  
Before he would only be running if someone was chasing him, that day looked like it was just a bunch of horses enjoying the beautiful spring day

Here's my guy a couple of days later

an exciting thing for me is that I can ride to my parents house! Very cool!  I rode to my parents place, played around a bit in their back pasture, and then rode back and it only took about an hour and a half.... not bad!  It was 3 miles, good work out for my guy!  Here's a picture my dad took of me, not sure why I'm doing the fake smile.... 

then about 3 days a later some horse friends of mine picked us up and hauled us up on the local military base to ride the trails... it was so much fun! Poor Sarge though, I imagine that he was pretty sore having 2 tough rides like that in a 3 day time period!  But he's such a good horse, I was pretty dang happy with him!

here's the 3 horses that were with us that day... Sarge, Borego, Cowboy, they were all 3 pretty worn out after our ride that day!


Emily said...

He's such a cute old man! I'm glad he's enjoying his new home!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Glad you are getting some ride time.