Thursday, September 10, 2009

More pictures!

Sunday was such a great day! We headed out to the lake and chilled out with some friends on their boat... good times!

Monday was fairly relaxing, we had the family birthday party. Here is the fabulous cake that I made!

of course after we cut into it it just sorta fell over! lol

Then Tuesday we went to see Mama Mia at The Theater in the Park. Here's the thing about this theater, it's outdoors, and of course it was raining.... so here we are!

nice double chin I have.... there's a reason I'm dieting! lol


Taryn said...

Glad you had fun on the boat. the little guy loos like a very safe driver.

Hope the show was good- even though it was raining.

Lucky in Love said...

Your cake looks awesome! And I'm sure it tasted great even though it fell over :)

Anonymous said...

Cute cake! Hey...that's your dad?? I know him! He used to bring me diet pepsi's at my work. :)