Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend re-cap

busy busy BUSY weekend! Even though the weekend was jammed full of things to do it was an absolutely wonderful weekend!

Friday: husband got off work early (noon) so we had some time to ourselves and then went and got the kiddo from school. His mom & step-dad came into town so we dropped the kiddos off with a sitter and headed off with the in-laws to do a little bar hopping. Fun fun fun! A few too many beers but it was still fun!

Saturday: played lazy for the morning. Logan was with his dad this weekend so it was just us and Riley. Headed to the Renaissance Festival with my family, SO much fun! Yummy turkey legs and this absolutely to die for egg. Can't remember what it was called, but it was a meatball with a hard boiled egg inside of it, and you dip it in cheese.... oh heaven! After the RF my hubs and I went to a local outdoor mall and walked around for a little while. The weather was too perfect not to! Then we headed home, grabbed Subway and a movie.... 17 Again, pretty funny!

Sunday: woke up, loaded up the baby and headed to the lake! Got to jump on a boat with some of our friends, good times! The water was WAY too cold to swim so we just hung out on the boat and talked with friends. Then we headed home, Logan came home at 6pm. Had to drop the kids off with my sister and then hubs and I met back up with the in-laws for a beer, then off to dinner. We spent that night doing a fundraiser bowling night for my brother's 17-yr old friend who has Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Monday: Husbands birthday! Slept in until 10, grabbed the kids, met the in-laws for lunch. Headed home, hubs and Logan went golfing, me and Riley slept! Then off to my parents house for a family birthday dinner. My dad, Sage, and brother's girlfriend all have their birthdays within 4 days of each other so we celebrated them all together. I made an awesome cake for them! Well, in my mind I envisioned this fantabulous cake, though as I got to creating it I couldn't refrain from laughing! After the dinner we came home with three extra kids (my nieces) and they stayed the night.

Tuesday: Here I am, I survived the night with 5 kids! Hubs is back at work and the kids are out of school today so we're just hanging out. Tonight we're heading to a play to celebrate my mom's birthday (that was in August). We're seeing Mama Mia! We are SOOOO excited, especially my husband! note: the "especially my husband" was total sarcasm! ha ha!

Pictures of all of these events will come through out the week! Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like so much fun!!

Lucky in Love said...

I hope you have a pic of this cake!! :) You were a busy, busy girl!! Lots of cardio in from all of your walking :)

Llama said...

What a fun filled weekend you little super mom! I wanna go to a Renaissance festival! SOOO JEALOUS!