Wednesday, September 2, 2009

there's a time to call it quits!

wow, I can't even express in words how disturbing this is to me. I breast fed both of my babies until they were 6 weeks old and then switched to formula. Now I know that it is said to be better for babies to be breast fed but until you have a baby of your own you will not know how difficult it is. In the very beginning it is very frustrating because the baby doesn't know how to latch on, then once they've figured that part out they keep falling asleep so you have to work at keeping them awake. When you're in the hospital you'll have a nurse grabbing all over your boob like nobody's business as they try and help you nurse. So not enjoyable! Then once you get the hang of it you have to plan your outings around nursing. Some people are okay with popping out a boob in public to nurse but I personally was very self conscious about that and wouldn't even attempt to. Also I must mention that when you breast feed it takes about 30 minutes!!!!! Then when the baby is awake every 2 to 3 hours to be fed you are the only one that can do those feedings. Talk about sleep deprivation! Anyway, after you go through all of this, can you imagine doing it for SEVEN years!!!! Absolutely not! How strange is that? Your child is either a 1st or 2nd grader, seems very very inappropriate to me! Make sure to watch this video, the kids bond with their mothers breasts are very disturbing! What are you thoughts on breast feeding?

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Elizabeth said...

I am totally pro-breast feeding but yowsa, that is too long. I think my max (if the child and I even make it that far) would be 18 months.