Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weekend pics

I promised pictures! I took a million pictures on Friday night while out with the in-laws however I didn't realize until later that I was using my MIL's camera and she and the camera are now back in Iowa! Dang! So, we'll start with pictures from Saturday which was the Renaissance Festival!

My nieces with Capt Jack Sparrow (didn't realize that was necessarily Renaissance!?)

yum, turkey legs!

Riley loved the turkey leg too

one of the many "kings" that we saw

Riley, me & the hubs on our elephant ride

the nieces with their waxed hands...

this was when the festival was closing, the participants all came out and danced and sang while we left, very cool!

Also I want to give a shout out to Dollface, check her out if you haven't already, she's doing a Fall giveaway!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Cute pics! Devin loved that elephant ride!

Lucky in Love said...

What a fun day!! And an elephant ride? How cool!