Thursday, September 17, 2009

not looking promising

as you know we got a contract on our house. Well today was the inspection. It didn't go too well from the sounds of it. After 3 hours the major needs are: new roof, cap for water heater, and lots of electrical deficiencies..... I don't understand, our roof is 7 yrs old and it looks 100% fine! On the positive my husband is an electrician so whatever "electrical deficiencies" there are he should be able to do himself. I know nothing about the water heater thing. So of course now I'm bummed.... very bummed.... I sure hope things will go through for us.


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Oh NO! We had a problem with our water heater too, but it was an easy inexpensive fix. Something about the pressure valve....I don't know. It was considered a major issue, but wasn't a big deal to remedy. Hope yours is easy too! That sucks about the roof.

Taryn said...

Oh no! I hope they can work it out! Better to find out now though.