Monday, June 28, 2010


I'm just posting some pics from over the last week or so, nothing too exciting has been going on in our lives so this is what you get instead! ☺

This is one of the budding apples from one of our apple trees. It's been fun for us to watch this tree bloom and educational as well watching the apples! I'm amazed at how many apples grow on just one tree! Also interesting to me, this apple is green... last year the tree had red apples! Is this normal? Will it turn red?

my sweet little boy & I. Sometimes he's so sweet, others he's so ornery... like right now as I type and he's stealing the remotes & hitting his big brother with them...

Due to lack of space in our new house this is the best pool we can fit (at least that's what I tell the kids!) I don't know about you all but I'm awful at taking care of a pool. This one fits in our "garden" space so I don't have to worry about killing the grass, works perfect!
*please ignore the chewed on trim... it appears one of our dogs can't help but chew on the side of the house... yes, my husband is thrilled about that

Look close and you can see Logan way up there in one of the apple trees! These trees are huge, I want to cut them down but I'm catching a lot of grief for those thoughts. I can see a big trimming coming up in these trees future!

and that's it people! We're busy this week with t-ball games, the horse, working on our patio, and I'm giving some riding lessons. Nice and busy but just how we like it!


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

mmm.... I want an apple tree so bad.

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