Thursday, June 17, 2010

a tad bit moody

sometimes my friends I feel just a little bit moody, how about you guys? Lately I don't know what it is but I'm grumpy! I'm almost starting to believe that it's this new birth control, Yaz, does anyone use it? Anyone have moodiness issues from it? So I'll warn everyone, this post could be considered whiney, bitchy, moody, sob story, pathetic, yada yada yada.... but that's just what I'm feeling and I feel like sharing with everyone! :-)

#1: my husband is an electrician, he works for a union. Work is S.L.O.W. Every Friday people get laid off, talk about stress every week just waiting until 2pm to hear if he will be one of the un-lucky. Today we got the good news that he should be safe at his job for at least the next month. Hallelujah!

#2: last night I get a phone call around 7:30 from our tenant. She proceeds to tell me that the fridge has died. She noticed it the night before, yet it took her almost 24 hrs to tell me, and of course she expected a replacement ASAP. I worked miracles and had a replacement (brand new) fridge to her in less than 3 hours. How about that service!? She then calls me this morning to tell me that the fridge still doesn't work that the issue is the outlet itself. Thankfully since the hubs is an electrician I sent him over there this evening. Turns out they lost power a few days ago, all that needed done was to reset the damn GFI! Are you serious? Pushing one button could have saved us $400!!!! I will not dwell, I will not dwell....

#3: I have had a migraine for almost 48 hrs... it's finally feeling decent enough that I can sit here and complain about it. So not only have I felt like poo my almost 2 yr old has been quite ornery this week and I've had a few extra kids in the afternoons too... makes for a joyous time! (please note sarcasm)

#4: do any of you have family members that drive you insane? I do... actually I find myself disgusted sometimes that someone is related to me. That her behavior is what it is, what her actions have done to hurt other people. And that's about as far as I need to go with this topic

#5: my husband and I spent about 4 hours at a horse sale this past Monday night with hopes of buying a saddle. Since no one that I knew could come with me I didn't feel comfortable with picking a used saddle on my own, so I opted to spend a little more and buy a new saddle. Guess how that turned out? You guessed it, shitty. Saddle doesn't fit my horse right, and to be honest I don't think it was built right. So here I am stuck with this saddle and just praying that craigslist pulls through for me and I can sell the damn thing and try again

#6: awhile ago I told you guys about my lab work, tests for RA and Lupus etc. Results came back normal (hooray) only issue is the ultrasound on my thyroid shows that my nodule has grown. So I'm off to the surgeon this Tuesday to talk about biopsy-ing it

Okay, I could continue to go with this but I think I've shown my not-so-pretty side and am slightly embarrassed by myself now! Hope everyone has fabulous Friday and has great plans for the weekend!


E said...

Hey girl! Sorry... it seems our email isn't working so well (I couldn't find an address for you!) SO this will have to do...

I would LOVE for you to do a guest post on my blog while I'm traveling. I try to keep things pretty lighthearted/funny, but clean (of course!). I was noticing your 2010 goals on your page... Maybe - if you are comfortable with it - a post about your weight loss efforts or exercise adventures would be fun. My readers tend to like those a lot! (Really, though, anything is fine!) Anyway, just put something together as soon as you can. Then, copy and paste it into an email and send it to me at I will put it on my blog and schedule it to post when I'm gone. Of course, I'll be sure to link back to your blog and let you know when I'll be posting it so you can send your readers there. Thanks! I'm looking forward to it!

Peanut said...

Hey girl:)
I just wanted to ask if you have heard about the law suit against Yaz, that birth control you are taking. You should talk to your doctor. I have known a lot of girls who had the same symptoms. Some of my friend stopped taking it and are now taking action against the company.
I truly undertsand how you feel about the family issue and people being related to you that act to obsurred it make syou wonder. Alls we can say is they live there life how they want...good luck with that. I will continue to follow.