Thursday, June 24, 2010

women are evil

Many of my followers or people that I follow are either mothers or soon to be mom's. For those who already have their babies you'll relate with this post more personally.
Do you remember the days pre-baby?
The toned stomach, tight thighs, perky girls, you know the "pre sleep deprived" days.
Once you've had a baby (let alone two or three!) it is so hard to get that body back. Not only does it require a lot of effort it's time away from your new precious family!

So, here's what has me all riled up today....
(photo courtesy of

Kendra Wilkinson
This pic my friends is her post baby body, little Hank is only like 6 or 7 months old I think....
My personal opinion: Damn girl you looking FINE!
You guys want to see my photo like that nearly 2 years after my second baby was born? Yeah, I wouldn't want to see it either!
The part that makes me so angry is that one of the first few people to comment on her photo says: "She is still fat and has to stop looking into a funhouse mirror to think she is thin"

Are you freaking kidding me?! She looks absolutely amazing!
Most irritating is that this is what the every day woman deals with. People are so damn critical of us and if we gain a few pounds we're immediately judged. I am quite thankful that I'm not a celebrity. Someone is a bit bloated from a night of drinking or PMS'ing and the next day it's all over the tabloids that she is pregnant!

So there's the problem, we are all judged for what we wear, how we do our hair, and if we gain a few pounds. Why do we keep doing this to each other?


devin's mom said...

That is so true and its a never end cycle. My son is almost 9 and I'm just now losing my weight! It takes awhile for you to actually take the time for you, when you have a baby you have better things to focus on.

Leslie G said...

Kendra has always been pretty athletic- so it doesn't surprise me that she was able to bounce back so fast! She looks great,but it wouldn't surprise me if there were some photoshopping done on that pic. She does look great, though!
And celebs can hire nannies while they work out with trainers. Ah, such is life!

江婷 said...


...::Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

I hate it when people make fun of others, or call women "fat" just because they don't fit the tooth pick bill. Ridiculous! Ugh.