Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy St Patty's Day

So yes, this is a few days late.... sometimes I'm just not able to upload pics quick enough!  We had a fantastic day!  It was 79 degrees, the parade was at noon so my husband could come watch it with us before he went to work.  It was Logan's spring break this week so we just enjoyed the day together!  I got some great pics, so enjoy!
Riley when he first woke up.... he was ready to get the party started!

Not to worry, we dressed him a little more appropriately....
These guys are ready to go get some candy!

we're one good looking family!  btw, I've lost some weight, can you tell? :)

my dad with the grand-boys, he was pulling a float in the parade

I have no clue who this is, but isn't this little baby adorable in her little lady bug carrier?!

Riley & daddy, that's Riley's "fake" cheese, he was worried about the sirens on the fire trucks!

my sis Emi & her hubs Lonnie... and my niece Sadie
isn't she glowing? Emi, not Sadie
We'll get to find out in a couple of weeks if they're having a boy or a girl... I vote boy... and I also vote that they have a gender reveal party, I think it would be so much fun!

that afternoon I took the kids to see Mars Needs Moms.... my official review: awful
Riley could just about fold up in the chairs!

Not sure why Logan's eyes look so creepy!  Or why he felt it necessary to sit 4 chairs away from me!  Not to worry, he came back before the movie started...

And that's it folks, our St Patty's Day adventure! 

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Shannon said...

You look great, girlie! Love the pics :o)