Saturday, April 18, 2009

3 goals!

Friday night went pretty great! Dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise - delicious! And to add to the night, Euphoria (my drink).... I loved the sunglasses & umbrella, made me even more excited for our cruise! We went and saw Observe & Report.... S-T-U-P-I-D!!!! Not sure why we picked that one, Seth Rogen can be funny at times... of course now that I've said that I can't think of a movie that was really truly funny rather than just so stupid it was funny. Anyway, done and over with, take my advice, skip that one!

I have a sad addiction to, it's something I must check daily. Friday I came across this beautiful lab that is in our local shelter. We are lab lovers, have a black lab right now, so it was hard for me to leave this girl there. I called the hubs to see what he would think, he wouldn't give me a yes or a no.... I hate that! Just tell me one or the other! So I packed the kids up and took our smallest dog (Boston Terrier) to the shelter so we could meet this little lady. She was the sweetest thing. I cannot believe someone has let her get away from them. After playing with her for a little, my better judgement told me to leave her there and talk to the husband more. So we've left the poor girl there... I'm hoping because she's purebred maybe she will get adopted instead of euthanized. I'm definitely keeping an eye on her page though and when her deadline is up I'll snatch her up....

Also in recent news, little man has figured out how to maneuver around the house! Not really crawling, more the "soldier crawl". Don't worry, I know he looks miserable right there but he was only stuck for a second!!!!! Promise!!!!

Today my 5yo had a soccer game, he scored 3 goals! We were all so proud of him! It is definitely necessary for these younger kids to have a good game, keeps them wanting to play the sport instead of give up! After the game we drove around looking at houses, we had 5 on our list, and 1 by 1 we crossed all 5 off. Who knew that it would be so hard to find a house that we would like! :(

And to finish off tonights post here's the little man.... he is such a hoot in his johnny jumper!


Taryn said...

Maybe I am just mean- but I think that picture of the little guy stuck is super funny. I mean- he got himself there. right? you say he is just a baby? Well yes, but . . . I love kids. = )

Elizabeth said...

I'm bummed about that movie being lame, I really wanted to see it! Dang, I guess I'll wait for DVD... And Riley is so precious. Love him. :)